Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick.

I'm currently in the process of moving. And by that I don't just mean, "Oh, I decided to blog instead of doing YouTube!", I mean, "Oh, I just finished graduate school and moved away from North Dakota and back to Pennsylvania after 2 full years, so all of my shit is still being sent to me in various boxes and I have to squish everything in to a small house that I share with five people and AAAAGH!"

It's a charmed life, really. Just bear with me while I sort through the wreckage and work on getting my fancy camera and trusty computer going. In the meantime, please enjoy this crappy webcam picture of me looking like a complete dork.



  1. i think i have that belt!

    ready for the snark and dorkage to commence!


  2. I feel sad about you missing at Youtube, but I am so happy that you make a Blog. I am curious about it!
    Sonjaurinko from YouTube!