Saturday, July 14, 2012

FOTD with mini-tutorial: Hyper-Glow

Recently, I've been interested in mimicking some of the super-duper-dewy-glowy looks I see in magazine adverts. "Dewy" isn't normally a thing I go for--I love having a glow, but I draw the line at having my face look greasy or wet--but I thought it might be a fun, quick look to duplicate for a day at home. This is also the kind of look I would do if I was going out at night or spending a day on the beach and only had a few choice products to work with. I used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($20 retail, but easily available for half that at places like TJ Maxx,) to get this look, and it's one of my favorite products, but if you're not a fan, considering something like MAC Cream Color Base ($17.50) in Luna or Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter ($40) in Pearl.

STEP 1: Do your base. For this kind of look, I like to keep it semi-sheer and simple. I applied MAC Face & Body foundation ($33) in White and N1, then dabbed Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($18) on my undereyes before using a smidge of Clinique Airbrush concealer ($19.50) in 01 Fair.

STEP 2: Time for some definition! I filled in my brows a bit with La Femme Brow and Eyeliner pencil ($1.50) in Taupe and applied a coat of Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara ($7).

STEP 3: It's not entirely necessary, but I like to add a bit of color. I used the Stila Convertible Color ($25) in Fuchsia on my lips and cheeks. For some odd reason, it looks super-bright on my webcam, especially the lips; it's actually a sheer, blue-based pink, very fresh and pretty without being overwhelming.

STEP 4: The final--and most important--step is to add the glow. I put a small amount of the Eight Hour Cream on the back of my hand, then dabbed it on the tops of my cheekbones, all over my eyelids, and on my lips for a noticeable, super-dewy shine.


  1. Love the blog :) was just wondering how you got the bits on the right to be all the same size? Only I can't work out how to do that on mine! P.S thank you for sending those items to me :) xx

    1. You mean my gadgets? I just adjusted the size in the template and design settings. Sorry I can't help more. :(