Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bad Outfit #8: Colorguard Crasher

My very dear friend invited me to check out his new group of colorguard girls, then dress up and mock Sarah Palin. Hey, I'm game! This wrap dress is from one of my favorite lines, Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten collection, which is unfortunately defunct (though you can still find a lot of Bitten pieces on eBay). It breaks my heart, because it's hard to find petite-friendly clothing that is also curve-friendly; most petite cuts assume you're very very thin or very very heavy. Bitten clothes were some of the first clothes to fit my short-but-curvy body. Better yet, they were affordable. I will beg Sarah Jessica Parker to bring this line back at another retailer until I'm blue in the face!

For the record, you can definitely class-up a wrap dress. If I wasn't going to stand for almost an hour in the sticky Pennsylvania air, I would've worn a pair of strappy sandals with a bit of a heel and a more neutral purse. But hey, I wanted comfort!

WRAP DRESS: Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten wrap dress, can sometimes be found on eBay

BOOTS: Dr. Marten's 1B60

PURSE: Nicole Lee USA

EARRINGS: Jolliffe Jewelry

FACE: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon, MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, unknown MAC lipstick (possibly Fanfare), Essence gel liner in London Baby

Special thanks for taking my picture goes to this lovely creature:

Who later practiced his Sarah Palin impersonation, much to my abject horror:

And of course, a huge thanks to the lovely ColorGuard gals who let me crash their very first show! :)

 Just a final note before I close this post: Blogger seems to be having trouble posting my comments. I get notifications in my e-mail, but when I check the appropriate blog post to reply, nothing shows up. :/ So I'm not deleting your comments or ignoring you; I just literally can't see them! Hopefully I'll be able to figure out and solve the issue over the next few days.

See you in September!

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