Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beauty Sightings: Pageant

Pageant (2008) is a sweet-as-pie and dash-of-sassy documentary that follows 5 drag queens as they vie for the title of Miss Gay America. It is, in my opinion, an excellent documentary for newbies who don't know a whole lot about drag, since it slowly introduces you to one specific portion of the art form (ie, "pageant queens"). But if you're a "drag conisseur" like me and you just love to watch pretty bitches beat their faces, you'll also get a kick out of it. :) My biggest disappointment is that we didn't get to see much of the two "older" queens, Coti and Victoria (some of you may recognize the latter from the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race). It was nice the see how the younger queens are with their family and friends, though.

These queens are so skilled at putting on their makeup, however, that they tend to put their makeup on quite quickly, and it can be a little hard to catch what products they're using. BRING ON THE GIFS!!!

This unknown lovely is clearly patting some eyeshadow on to her lips. Old-school (and super-effective) drag trick!

Cleavage painting!

That pot of cream reminds me SO MUCH of a pot of Dior face cream a friend used to own...

Is that an Estee Lauder compact the beautiful Chantel is using?

Look, lovely readers--LA FEMME! Loads of it!! Also, in this scene, Chantel mentions using Dermablend as her base.

The fantastic Coti Collins using "Ru-Glue," aka an Elmer's glue stick, to block out her eyebrows.

This is a Maurice Stein pencil, yes?

Can anyone see what paint stick she's using as her base? I think it's another Stein product.

I see a blue MAC shadow, maybe MAC blushes, and--surprise surprise!--Maybelline Great Lash mascara. You guys may wonder why Great Lash is so popular, and why it appears in so many movies and shows with big pageant-y makeup. Here's the thing: it pretty much never dries out (no, really; it's creepy!), and it's perfect on top of false lashes because it won't clump them or dry them out. Hence, it's easy to clean it off of your falsies. :)

A Kryolan palette. This appears to be one of the 8-pan shadow palettes.

Plus a bottle of rubbing alcohol, some false lashes, and some compacts and bottles I can't quite identify.

Miss Alina using some powder and pulling out a powder puff. Anybody recognize those compacts?

Victoria DePaula has an open pot of Coty Airspun in her kit.


Any idea what this white cream she's applying might be? A highlight? Some concentrated glitter?

Hey, it's Randy from Say Yes to the Dress!

"If you're a nice person, you can see that from the inside out." Preach, Miss Victoria Pork Chop Parker! I just wanted to include some shots of her because she's a complete doll. Younger drag queens who think it's all about being as shady as possible could take some lessons from her.

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