Monday, October 29, 2012

And now, Miss Scarlet beats her face.

Is it any surprise that I love drag queens? Probably not, but it's probably a little surprising that a drag queen consented to do a tutorial for this blog. Meet Miss Scarlet Fairweather, who pops up on BOGL from time to time because she's A) super nice, and B) pretty damn fabulous. Even though her Poison Ivy costume was falling to bits before my eyes, she agreed to let me document her beating her face for a tutorial-type post.

Scarlet starts out by shaving and moisturizing, if necessary. ("At the very least, moisturize your lips, because you're probably going to abuse them!") Elmer's glue stick (often referred to as "Ru-Glue") was used to flatten her brows. They were then powdered down with Hard Candy Welcome Matte powder.

Scarlet uses a full-coverage concealer on her brows; she currently likes Hard Candy Glamoflauge. (NOTE: If your brows are thicker and darker like Miss Scarlet's, you may have to do the powder-and-conceal step a few times to cover them up.) While waiting for her brows to dry, she starts creating her base. Her preferred foundation is Ben Nye cream in Lite Beige, applied with a sponge wedge. Don't be shy with it--as Scarlet says, "Just dip your face in it and hope it sticks!"

Then it's time for highlighting and contouring. Scarlet used Ben Nye Character Shadow in CS3 for her contour and applied it through her temples, the top of her forehead, the hollows of her cheeks, underneath her bottom lip, and around her eyes (although she sometimes holds off on that last part if she's doing something more "natural"). She skipped contouring down the sides of her nose this time, but we both often recommend thinning out your nose for drag. Her highlight is Ben Nye Cream Highlight in Ultra Lite, applied at the tops of the brows, up the bridge of the nose and through the forehead, just above the jawline, and around (not right in) the eyes and cupid's bow--she prefers to use shadow in those tiny spots. Where you contour and highlight is going to vary based on the shape of your face and, if you're trying to do drag, which parts of your face you need to look softer or more sculpted.

Also, while it's awesome to start blending your highlight and contour in to your base, this is also a good point to leave the base makeup be for a bit so it can "cook" (a drag term for letting the makeup warm up on your skin, making it easier to blend). This is best done with theater or photography makeup, which tends to be fuller coverage and wetter in formulation; most "regular lady face" products will set.

Scarlet often uses her Character Shadow for her brows, but in this case, she was doing a character brow, so she used green shadow instead...and looked bonkers doing it. I think she was saying something to me when I snapped this picture. XD Then she lined around her eyes with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

Now it's powder-down time! Scarlet beats her face with some Ben Nye Translucent loose powder, rubbed in to a big puff. I mean, she literally beats her face; I always tease her about it. Anyway, for this look she used the Fair shade, while she uses the regular Translucent shade for character looks with colored or Kabuki-style bases. This powder not only sets everything in place, but it also blends it out further, making the highlights and contours look a bit more natural. (But just a bit, cause dammit, this is drag!)

Now it's time to cake your eyes! She used the NYX eyeshadow base in White for her base, then added some shape with the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral palette. She added color with Ben Nye eyeshadows in Sun Yellow and Chartreuse, La Femme blush in Coral, iNuovi blush in Dolly, and a green Wet n' Wild liquid liner. Again, if you're using strong theater-type makeup, it's good to let it sit for a few minutes and cook before you smooth it out.

Applying falsies is rarely fun, even if you're a seasoned pro. ;)

Miss Scarlet used the La Femme blush on her cheeks before painting on some more leaves and blending everything out again. La Femme blushes are quite strong, so if you aren't a drag queen, be uber-careful with them!


Since the lips are green, you gotta use some wonky stuff, in this case a green eyeliner pencil as a lip liner. I didn't catch the name, but I'm almost positive it's by Prestige. The lipstick is Manic Panic Poison Ivy (fitting!), and a long-discontinued ELF Soothing lipgloss in a ruby red shade was blotted on top. Odd combination, surely, but the point was to get a "dead rose" sort of color.

Now it's time to tuck it all back and find your pussy! (I'm talking about cats, you perverts, GAWD.)

And speaking of kitties, let's round out the post with pictures of Miss Scarlet's evil cat Ladey and my lazy cat Simmis!

As a side note: I might invite Miss Scarlet to do a monthly advice column here on BOGL. How would we feel about that? Would any of you want to participate? As you can see, she's ready and willing to answer your questions! :)

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