Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beauty Sightings: Sex and the City, season 6

I'm preparing to wade through Sandy to get to work, but before I do, let's go through the last set of Sex and the City beauty sightings, shall we?

Carrie preparing to pop her Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Gloss in to her Chanel bag.

A view of Carrie's bathroom and some of the perfumes on her vanity.

More perfume and products! I keep seeing that one perfume in the square bottle with the round cap. EDIT: Koushi says that this might be Jo Malone--thanks, love! Also, the Creed perfume that keeps popping up in Samantha's apartment is apparently Spring Flowers.

I think this is some kind of lip pot...?

Anybody recognize this little shop the ladies are at? They're testing out perfumes here.

MOAR PRODUCT! The black tube appears to be Bobbi Brown stick foundation.

Another shot of Samantha's sink.

Miranda has a Kiehl's lotion on her bedside table.

I'm actually not sure if this is Kiehl's or Elizabeth Arden, but I'm betting it's the former, because Miranda uses a good amount of Kiehl's skincare.

Carrie's little bag probably has some Chanel makeup. Maybe earrings, but let's go with makeup. ;)

Carrie slides across the floor of Dior--I definitely see an Estee Lauder gloss and lipstick.

Another shot of an Estee Lauder Signature or All Day lipstick (most likely Signature--I think the All Day line wasn't out at this point).

A final shot of Carrie's vanity in France.

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  1. The square bottle with the round cap is Jo Malone, I think. :D