Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beauty Sightings: Sex and the City, seasons 2 and 3

I've already expressed my feelings on Sex and the City as a whole right over here, so let's skip my strong opinions and move on to two seasons of fun beauty sightings.

Miranda borrows a NARS Lip Lacquer pot from Carrie.

Carrie's got some grab-and-go products on her table. I think the black compact is a MAC powder, and it's hard for me to see what the white tube is, but Carrie DOES use what appears to be the MAC Clear Gloss very regularly.

Carrie applies some nude lip liner on the go...

...then tops it with MAC Clear Gloss. This isn't the same shot, but it's the same product.

I LOVE Sam's powder compact, although I don't recognize it or her cracker-like powder puff. Anybody?

A shot of Carrie's bathroom. You can see her Clinique and Kiehl's skincare...anybody recognize the other products?

Carrie's medicine cabinet. A pot of Nivea cream sticks out to me,  but I can't place the rest.

Carrie applying mascara.

A shot of some of the products Carrie leaves in Big's apartment, including Clinique makeup remover and moisturizer.

Anybody recognize this? Is it more Clinique?

EDIT: According to a random search I did on Makeup411, this is more likely the Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Gloss, not the MAC Gloss. Good to know!

A Chanel Joues Contraste blush. Anybody recognize the silver lipstick tube? And is that red-handled brush Smashbox?

I'm terrible with nail polish, so if anybody recognizes nail stuff, please let me know!

Carrie applying Carmex...

....then some NARS Lip Lacquer. Clearly, Carrie is a fan of both  potted lip products and NARS goodies. ;)

Another shot of Carrie's bathroom table. Is that cream with the black lid Ponds?

What brand is that perfume on Samantha's vanity--is it Estee Lauder?

The ladies visit a Helena Rubenstein salon.

Another shot of Samantha's vanity. I definitely see an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream product, but I'm not quite sure if it's the face moisturizer or the extra-large size of the original cream (which I remember Samantha using).

A shot of Miranda's products. You can't really recognize anything, but I don't get a lot of Miranda beauty sightings, so I really wanted to post this.

Carrie, the ultimate NARS fan.

Charlotte and Carrie at a nail salon. I think one of the polishes is OPI.

The ladies applying their products in the bathroom. Miranda's silver-tubed mascara is the most obvious item here.

No discernible label on Samantha's gloss, but it's super-pretty and seems to have a brush-tip applicator.

Carrie applying a brush-tip gloss, possibly old-school Stila, and Charlotte using a NARS Lip Lacquer pot.

Miranda using a Kiehl's moisturizer. I think it might be the Creme de Corps formula.

It's almost impossible to catch a screenshot of this gloss, but I'm 95% sure it's MAC.

A nail polish and possibly another product on the top shelf, and some pink-tinted moisturizer on the bottom right-hand portion of the picture. EDIT: Flyushkifly noticed a Diptyque on the left side of this picture. Thanks!

Miranda applying a beautiful MAC lipstick.

Charlotte's vanity. I think the skincare with the white cap is Elizabeth Arden, and there's some Chanel loose powder I couldn't get a shot of, plus what appears to be a Chanel liquid foundation. EDIT: The white tear-drop shaped perfume bottle is Boucheron Parfum Initial--thanks, Fin-de-siecle!


  1. oh oh! photo 30 - diptyque candle on the left.

    these beauty sightings posts are going to change how i watch tv. :)

  2. I was watching SATC once again, and that pearl shaped perfume bottle on Charlotte's vanity totally hit me : it's Boucheron Parfum Initial, which is funny because the notes seem very "un-Charlotte" :)