Monday, October 8, 2012

Operation Use-It-All Update!

Operation Use-It-All is quickly drawing to a close, even though I never thought I would get through all of my products! :) This challenge has helped me rediscover some lost loves and purge other items that just don't work for me, even though they're absolutely beautiful in the pan and on others.

I also realized something while I was doing this project: I was consciously skipping over products that REALLY stuck out in my mind, ie, Chanel Dragon RAL or Urban Decay Quickie cream blush. This very careful avoid-the-product dance was brought on by two feelings: "I have no idea what I'd pair that product with" OR "I only get to wear it once until I'm done with this challenge, so I need to make sure it's a special occasion!" Any products that prompted the former response have been moved in to a bag and put in my closet for the next month, along with some products that just haven't 100% wowed me lately, just to see if I miss them.

I would say that I've cut the size of my stash in half. I would like to get my stash even smaller, as I hope to find an education job and move in to my own apartment very soon, and moving with a huge stash is, in my experience, very hard. But something I could fit in one or two USPS flat-rate boxes and ship to myself? Not a problem!

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