Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for the Tickery Tackery

There comes a moment in every fashion lover's life when they stumble upon the perfect description for their fashion sense. Friends of mine have gleefully described their wardrobes as "bohemian chic," "kooky classic," and "reconstructed vintage." Well, ladies and gentlemen, now that I've studded the crap out of my old Misfits hoodie, I've reached a fashion epiphany:

my clothes are tickery-tackery.

I am forever indebted to Project Runway season 4 winner Christian Siriano for the phrase, which he used to describe a prom gown he was required to design based on a client's tastes. "It's so tickery-tackery now," he complained. "I'm not feeling fierce right now." And yeah, it was a pretty fugly gown, and totally not his usual fierce, Alexander McQueen-esque, ruffle-laden style. But oh, that phrase! That phrase has stuck with me. When I look at what remains of my now-gutted wardrobe and think about the kinds of things I want to find as replacements, I say, "Yep, that shit's pretty tickery-tackery."

I studded both sides of the shoulders, which took about 2-3 hours with some breaks stuck in there. I also wanted to stud around the front of the hood and make it even MORE tickery-tackery, but alas, the fabric there was far too thick.

It's loud, it's clearly hand-studded and poorly cut, and it kind of makes me look like a cheap Michael Jackson impersonator. But I love it. I really do. Viva la tickery-tackery!

And in other news: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm thankful for many things, including all of you who read about my bad taste in clothes and my overwhelming lipstick obsession. <3

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