Sunday, December 30, 2012

$10 Haul and FOTD

For Christmas, my sister got me a fabulous pair of plaid skinny jeans on clearance at Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, they were 2 sizes too big, so I had to do something I normally don't do with Christmas gifts: I returned them. They didn't have any of those particular pants in the store, but I found a super-awesome tank top that was on an extra 30% off clearance rack, so after the exchange, I owed just $1. :) We also stopped at the nearby Goodwill, where I got two shirts, and stopped in at the Kohl's my sister works at for some uber-discounted stuff. The total cost of this haul? $9.95

The cost of my thrifting for the past few months (since I first cleaned out my closet and began working on replenishing my wardrobe) has been $134.41. This cost includes dozens of shirts, three skirts, leggings, a hat, a leather jacket, and more. Today I bought 2 more pairs of leggings on eBay, which would make the total $159.39; I'll be sure to post pictures of those when they arrive!

I also took some meh pictures of my FOTD. The sunlight is bouncing off of the snow outside, so getting the lighting right has been a bit tricky. Regardless, I thought you might enjoy something that isn't my usual cat-eyes-and-bright-lips look. Please note that MAC Chromagraphic pencils are not always recommended for use around the eyes or lips.

BASE: Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous foundation in 090, Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in Sx02

EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara, Clinique Super-Fine Liner for Brows in 01 Soft Blonde, MAC Chromagraphic pencil in Genuine Orange, MAC Chromagraphic pencil in Basic Red

CHEEKS: MAC Frost blush in Hipness

LIPS: MAC Glossy Pencil in Chase

Things To Hunt For Whilst Thrifting
as of December 30, 2012:
  • a plain black blazer that doesn't make me look like a Golden Girl.
  • leather pants or shorts.
  • just leather. A11 teh 1eathurz!!1!one
  • a big, black hat.
  • a long plaid skirt--softer and maybe less "formal" than the Salvo one.
  • day-to-day black boots or clogs, preferably tacky or butch.
  • tall, no-or-small heel boots for a DIY project.
  • A PURSE!!! 
  • denim pants and jackets to mod

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