Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Shirts and Seasons Greetings

Just a quick and dirty post to show you some new shirts I've gotten! I haven't had much luck with posting clothing-related stuff because, again, our sewage backed up and flooded the basement, and I've worked pretty much nonstop, so I'm a week behind on laundry. But I did want to show you some cool t-shirts I got from during their $10 shirt sale! I got these in a men's small; a men's extra-small may have been a more comfortable, flattering fit, but these haven't had a chance to shrink in the wash yet. The Red Riding Hood shirt is definitely my favorite!

I also wandered about with my sister and her best friend for an afternoon, and although we visited several thrift/consignment shops, I only managed to score 2 things at one of the three TJ Maxx locations. Actually, I liked a lot of the Givenchy stockings, but the A/B sizes were really picked over. :(

The loose tank-top is by a brand called "The Classic," which is of course impossible to locate on Google. There was also a version with a lace skull, but I thought this version might go with more (my sister's friend ended up buying one of these and the lace skull, the latter of which was the very last one!). I also found a cross shirt by the same brand that I LOVED, but the medium was way too big.

Looking forward to cropping and modding a few of my most recent clothing purchases after the holidays, when everything at the store slows down! (That place is CRAZY right now.)

I'll most likely be gone for the rest of this week, thanks to a crazy work schedule and the holidays. Despite all of the sadness we've endured this month, I'm hoping that we can find comfort and solace in each other and have a very happy holidays.

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