Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cheap New Shtuff!

So I managed to get a bunch of stuff for all of $30. AND I managed to cram it all in to a reusable Target bag (you know, the crazy-cool ones that fold up in to your purse all wallet-sized like a super-awesome-mega-sweet Transformer?). Seriously, I need to have one of those pay-by-the-pound/bag thrift stores open up near me. I would make that store my bitch.

I found two little makeup items I've been kinda sorta lusting after when I wandered in to Victoria's Secret for a few pairs of panties. (Hilariously, when it comes to VS, nothing BUT these particular panties fit me properly. But them panties are faaaabulous and definitely my favorites. Big-bottomed-tiny-waisted ladies, check out the cotton string bikinis!) These are the limited edition Sheer Blush Cheek Tints in Spotlight and Idolize, respectively, and they're purportedly dupes for the YSL gel blushes. SOLD! I'll keep you guys posted, but because they were LE, are now on clearance, AND cost me all of $6...I'd also suggest you head to VS ASAP if you're interested.

I scored a couple of $2 tees at Salvo. I haven't listened to Alesana's music yet, but the shirt is just. Yeah. So me! And I found another one of those crazy shirts with the goo-font letters and cartoony horror images, a la that puking eyeball shirt I love to death. Gawd, I wish I knew where those came from. >_X As with most of my creepy Salvo tees, these are going to be converted in to sleeveless shirts, cause I don't like sleeves all that much.

I also got some uber-cheap basics from Forever 21 and Goodwill, respectively: a black cami and a pair of skinny jeans.

The biggest scores came from Body Central: sleeveless, high-neck crop tops and high-waisted black shorts! Oh, I can't even handle it. <3 My sister and her friend loved the shorts and the checkered top, but did their best to talk me out of the fantastic video game-esque monstrosity on the right. And by monstrosity, I mean NEW FAVORITE SHIRT EVER. I can't wear to wear it...

...and by the way, my mom thinks it's super-cool. So NYAH!

I've also been working towards sheerer and sheerer base makeup to prep for the Week Of No Foundation Or Concealer! Here I'm wearing just a tiny dot of MAC F&B and some Clinique Airbrush concealer under my eyes. I think I'm getting used to it, but I definitely should've compensated with an extra layer of blush and highlighter!

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