Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No, I'm not dead.

Once again, I did a month-long disappearing act. BUT! I come bearing gifts!

So shortly before my boyfriend arrived for an extended visit (aka before I dropped off the face of the Earth), I hauled 3 little things from Sephora and managed to use my points, coupon codes, my recent birthday, and the usual pick-3-samples deal to pull in a surprisingly full box. I actually panicked a little when I first opened the box and sifted through it because I couldn't find the Shiseido cottons; here they were wedged between some of the packing paper. Phew!

Here's all that I hauled, minus the monstrous pack of Shi cottons (a staple for me). I already know that Becca Radiant Skin foundation runs too dark and not-neutral enough for me, but I thought I could get the free sample for swatching purposes. My other free samples were the Soap & Glory body butter and the Hourglass primer, both of which are products I've heard loads about, but have also yet to use. Oops.

I also cashed in 100 of my points for a 1/2 oz sample of the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. I've been liking this product, but only when I mix a dot of it in with my foundation; unfortunately, it's tinted, so if I just spread it around my face willy-nilly, I look like an Oompa-Loomp. The deluxe Clinique Black Honey lipstick sample was procured with a coupon code, and because I placed this order at the start of May (a few weeks after my birthday), I was able to get the free Benefit gift. Watt's Up is too dark/golden for my super-pale skin, unfortunately, but I'm not entirely hating the They're Real Mascara.

As for stuff I purchased: again, there were the Shi cottons, and I got the NARS pencil sharpener because it would take me over $50 for free shipping and work for my NARS Matte Lip Pencils. The real star, though, has been the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Creme de Blush in #9 Babydoll.

I was suckered in to buying this blush by Ruth Crilly, the model behind I'm not normally so easily swayed, but it looked so bright and beautiful and clean on her skin. Ruth also talked up the texture, saying that it was soft and light, and so easy to apply without disturbing the makeup underneath. I gave it a test...and it was instant love. The formula really is creamy, dreamy, and lighter than air.

It's also the perfect everyday blush for my super-fair face, as it doesn't contain a hint of brown and blends so smoothly in to my skin. I've worn this blush almost non-stop for a month, I kid you not; I had to force myself to try out NARS Cactus Flower instead of grabbing for the YSL. It's a definite staple in my collection.

Also, some updates on the red lipstick front! My most recent tips and tutorials for wearing red lipstick like a pro have been posted to Curvysta Haven, and my MAC Lady Danger lipstick giveaway is going on for a few more days!

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