Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On a Very Quest-y Quest

As I am soon to be unemployed, I have decided to drastically decrease my makeup spending and instead take on a number of projects. Of course this includes my current collaboration with Curvysta Haven and my endless quest to keep a house occupied by five busy adults relatively clean. But it's also going to include a few other tests and challenges. Topping my list: a no-foundation challenge.

It may seem silly to do a no-foundation challenge when I have relatively good skin, but in all honesty, wearing makeup sans foundation is very foreign to me. I just feel that if I'm going to put the work in, the whole thing should be relatively flawless. That's another quest: the quest to try some quicker, "sloppier" makeup looks. I'm hoping to find new ways to use my current collection and to gain a new respect for my skin and its needs.

I'm also looking forward to reducing my stash just a little bit more. We're down to the wire, folks; Now, when I open up my stash drawers and look inside, I only see products that I'm 99% sure I want to keep. But you see, I CAN'T keep everything, not if I ever hope to find full-time employment and an apartment of my own. So it's time to start getting ferocious.

The point of this blog post is to see if there's anything YOU would like to see more of on this blog! Obviously, reviews and hauls will be a bit sparse for the foreseeable future, but beyond that, what topics might I cover to keep your interest?

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