Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Momentary Reprieve

Alas, for the past week has NOT been going well. Instead of writing for Curvysta Haven, continuing my Week Without Foundation challenge, and enjoying an inexplicable 5-day weekend, I've been fighting yet another sinus infection. I don't get flus or headcolds that often, so my susceptibility to sinus infections is rather puzzling.

It also looks like I'll be a bit busy over the next few weeks with work, job interviews, weddings, and a little more relaxation time for my abused nasal passages. Hence, the Week Without Foundation is going to be a bit chopped-up. Be afraid, my friends, be very afraid, for two more foundation and concealer-less looks are still set to be posted. I also need to finish my reviews for two new-ish Maybelline products--the Fit Me stick foundation and the Big Eyes mascara--before the month is out, because I want to post the reviews while those products are still...well, new-ish.

In peppier, non-mucus-related news, I received my Sephora package this morning! I finally caved and bought the Dior micellar water, which I'm hoping I love for quick morning cleansing. I also bought the Clinique cream liner because I've been sans black cream liner for a while and wanted to try a new brand. The rest of these items are free samples, 100 point perks, and coupon code add-ons.

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