Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recent Loves and Let-Downs

Guys, that big-ass tree outside my window is driving me BONKERS. Between that and the long, dreary storm cycle we've been undergoing, my bedroom has been a pit of doom and gloom for about a week. I seriously cannot wait for fall the begin so we can have a break from stormclouds and all of the leaves fall off that ridiculous tree. (And I can wear more makeup without it melting off of my face, but that's beside the point.)

And speaking of makeup: it's time for some product porn! These are the products that have made the darkness bearable. ORLY Ancient Jade nail polish, in particular, has added a lot of pastel green sunshine to my life; I've recently gotten back in to painting my nails and have been enjoying it, but it was only when I applied Ancient Jade that I remembered why I used to love it. Cool creams like this just rock my world.

I've unexpectedly fallen in love with two very affordable products: the Wet n' Wild Fergie eye primer and the Clinique cream liner in True Black. My tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance is just now running out, so I grabbed the Fergie primer on a whim. So imagine my surprise when I tested it out and it looked, felt, and performed JUST like TFSI! I really hope it isn't a limited edition product, because it's a $5 steal! The Clinique liner is $15, not $5, but so far, it's performed better than any other black pot liner I've used. It's an unusually soft, liquid-esque formula with the texture of a face cream.

On the more expensive (and seemingly unavailable) end of things, there's the Dior cream eyeshadow in Undressed Beige. A friend sent this in a swap package as an extra, and after I initially swatched it, I didn't give it much thought. It seemed a bit dry and glitter-chunky. But when it's on my lids? Wow, perfect shimmery, soft golden beige! I've been wearing it with my winged eyeliner everywhere I can, including my cousin's wedding. I also wore MAC Please Me matte lipstick and Bobbi Brown Tutu gloss--my recent go-to lip combo--to said wedding. I think Bobbi Brown discontinued Tutu, which is a crying shame; it was my perfect nude pink.

I have to give mad props to some of the things that kept me going during my most recent sinus infection.  I wouldn't have been able to sleep at all if I hadn't had this bottle of nasal spray. Yes, it's only a temporary solution, but when I used it with an over-the-counter decongestant pill? That was 2 or 3 hours of sleep before my stuffy nose woke me up again. And when the whole affair was over, my beloved Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream was there to fix my rough, ragged, peeling nose. I smeared a thin layer of this stuff on the sore skin every night before bed; the area was drastically improved after the first morning and completely healed by the third. Normally, it takes my nose a week or more to heal.

I haven't been emotionally scarred by any of my recent try-it-out bouts, but I have found a number of disappointments. Perhaps my biggest disappointment was the Anthony Logistics for Men Instant Fix Oil Control primer, which I got as a Sephora 100 point perk. This product promises to mattify on contact, but when I applied it to my nose, my nose was...still shiny. My nose needed a little less blotting throughout the day, but it did still need that blotting, and there was nothing matte about it. I think this product would work better for somebody with more "uniform" skin than mine--I have a face that's 95% Sahara Desert, 5% oil slick. I had a similar reaction the Hourglass Mineral Primer: it wasn't BAD, by any means, but it didn't wow me the way I hoped it would, and it didn't do anything all that spectacular compared to other primers I've used.

I've also been having a tough time with new mascaras. I got a free sample of the Dior DiorShow mascara and was beyond excited to try it, as I haven't used it for many years now. Yet again, we're dealing with a product that isn't terrible, just lackluster. It darkened my lashes a smidge and gave me a bit of volume and length, but it tended to be clumpy and flaked on me throughout the day. I have nothing against natural mascaras, but this guy wasn't really natural, just...dull. A product that DID suck hardcore was the Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara. Sweet lord, this stuff was AWFUL! The large brush did next to nothing for my lashes except dry them out and make them look spidery, and the little brush just darkened my lower lashes a bit. I had to force myself to use this mascara twice to give it a fair shot. I was super-excited to try it out, as I tend to have good luck with Maybelline mascaras, but nope! Straight to the trash with this one.

Last, but not least, the much-loved Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss. This isn't a bad product, but it didn't do what everybody told me it would do: lighten and soften my natural lip color. It works nicely over pink lipsticks, but on my own lips, it's either completely clear or, if I add a whole lot, a bit gray. It also isn't the most comfortable or moisturizing lip butter out there; it can get a bit tacky and gummy on my lips after an hour or two.

And there you have it! My recent loves and let-downs. My two-job life starts up in a month, and I'm still prepping for that, but I hope to have a small backlog of posts prepared for weeks when I can't write as much. Viva la blog!

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