Friday, August 16, 2013

Bad Outfit #22: Is it autumn yet?!

Yes, yes, I know: it's mid-August and I really have no excuse for pulling out the old light-sweater-and-shorts-with-tights combo that everybody knows and has gotten sick of. But now that I'm getting up earlier and earlier, and now that Pennsylvania has finally decided that 90+ degrees and 98% humidity is Maybe Not Cool, I can go for 8am walks without turning in to a sticky, sweaty mess. And at 8am, it's rarely over 60 degrees.

Just...take the excuse and go with it, kay?

I made some super-derpy faces in this, so I cropped them out. I might have been derping so hard because I went through all of my old teaching clothes before I threw this outfit on for the rest of the day, and half of said teaching clothes no longer fit me. Goodbye, size 2! Goodbye, paycheck I'll be spending entirely on new and much-needed size 6 pencil skirts!

And goodbye to this gray sweater, which I wore for 2 years and no longer find all that flattering. (Possibly because going up 2 dress sizes also meant, um, going up a bra size, and now it tends to show an awkward sliver of belly even when my arms are down.) Hey, it had a good run!



SKULL TIGHTS: thrifty find

CLOGS: State Street

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