Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mini-Reviews: Giving It Another Go

I can be a little fickle. Sometimes, I try a product and absolutely LOVE it, but never wear it again. Then there are products that I think are "just okay" or don't much care for, but I really really REALLY want to love them, so I hang on to them. As I continue shrinking and re-evaluating my calculation, I think it's important that I give these products one last chance to impress me.

MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick is one of those products that I totally loved when I first tried it, but never wore again. And I'm not entirely sure why. Yes, it's a bit of a drying formula, and I wouldn't call it my most flattering shade. But it's so pigmented and unique, and if I blot it down over a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, it's an incredibly chic, work-appropriate fuchsia.

The Flower Beauty foundation is something that definitely didn't work for me. It was actually too dewy for my combination-dry skin, if you can imagine that; it didn't just fade on my oily nose, it also moved around on my dry cheeks and rubbed off of my chin if I applied a little pressure. I don't usually wear foundation without powder and/or setting spray, though, so it's rather unfair of me to judge the Flower foundation without pairing it up first. And if I set it--as I did here--it looks just fine. Not as flattering as MAC Face & Body or as super-natural as the Tarte BB cream, but certainly doable. Still, it's not GREAT on me, so I won't keep it around.

The two Wet n' Wild products should probably be removed from my collection. The ColorIcon brow pencil in Taupe is really nice, especially for the $1 price. I like to think of it as Shu Uemura Seal Brown's creamier, "heavier" cousin due to the similarity in color. I'd totally recommend it. But the Shu pencil is still my all-time favorite. And while the MegaLiner liquid liner isn't BAD, it certainly isn't a keeper. It's ok for getting a thin line just along the lashes, but it's a bit difficult to fill in my flick with the flimsy brush,  and it actually flakes on my eye area. I could use it, but why should I? I have other products I definitely prefer. Not needed. Both of these will be going away.

So the one thing that's staying is the bright lipstick. Who knew? ;) That being said, I'm REALLY trying to cut down my collection, and that includes getting rid of some of the lipsticks I've always loved. It needs to be more elite, comprised of products I'll wear regularly, and big-move-ready.

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