Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beauty Sightings: Chaplin

It's probably a bit odd to use a Charlie Chaplin biopic as the source material for a Beauty Sightings post. But while the products shown in the film are few and far between (and relegated to the first half hour or so of a two-hour movie), they are honestly some of my all-time favorites.

The makeup used to turn Charlie in to "The Tramp," plus some brushes and a pot of cold cream. This is one of the reasons why I love vintage makeup: every piece was meant to be an experience. You only had one pot of rouge for every occasion, perhaps two if you were lucky or wealthy, and applying it was a genuine treat. Seeing kits that belonged to old movie stars inspires me to continue whittling down my collection until it's a small set of truly beloved products I cannot wait to use.

Makeup removal. I like how the second shot gives you an idea of just how thick and heavy old makeup was. Then again, it doesn't look too different when I try to remove MY black eyeliner, sooooo...

Several shots of the showgirls' vanities. Remind you of another edition of Beauty Sightings?

A friend of mine owns several vintage lipsticks and pot rouges, and she's even applied one of them. She told me they're a lot like lacquer paint: incredibly opaque, shiny, and beautiful, but also a smidge uncomfortable--"You know that something foreign is on your mouth" is how she described it. But she went on to add that being able to feel the product on your face may have been nice for women in the 20s and 30s, because it might've reminded them that they were wearing a luxury product.

And the obligatory lipstick shot.


  1. oh gosh, all that vintage makeup, it's so awesome!

    you don't by chance watch pretty little liars, do you? there's so many good makeup sightings in that show!

    1. Not a fan, alas. :( I do wish I watched more of these shows, because some of them have some flawless beauty sightings.