Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Replacements

My New Years Resolution to keep my stash at roughly the same size necessitates regular purging if I plan on keeping new acquisitions. Honestly, a good number of those new acquisitions cancel themselves out: I purchase them, they don't work out, they immediately leave my collection. But sometimes those new things DO stay. And sometimes those new things aren't from even swaps, but from kind gift packages or before-I-made-that-resolution purchases. I'm dedicated to keep my stash small-ish and using what I have to its advantage, and that means I'm also dedicated to replacing the old with the new, not just finding new corners to shove stuff in.

The biggest replacements will probably always happen in my lip stash, as that's my biggest weakness. I've been loving these Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils (review forthcoming). The shade swaps are definitely not exact, but I am booting the NYX Natural gloss to make room for Bite Madeira (I almost never wear colored gloss) and the Urban Decay F-Bomb lipstick for Bite Cranberry (I prefer the formulation of Cranberry). Bite Rhubarb and Quince aren't at all similar to Clinique Black Honey, that cult favorite semi-sheer red, but I never wear it, so it's easy to boot it and make room. Revlon's Sweet Tart lip butter is a great shade, but I can get the same color by blotting on MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick and topping it with balm.

Dior Undressed Beige has been a lovely glittery, porcelain-gold cream shadow, but it's officially dried up to the point of no return. I'll be using the Becca Eye Tint in Vicuna instead. I'm not swapping away or completely tossing the Dior, but rather cleaning out and keeping the beautiful jar for re-use.

I've been loving the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer that was so generously gifted to me, but I need another highlighter like I need a hole in the head. So I've booted another cream that is super-beautiful and unique (and no longer manufactured), but just not as flattering on me: Urban Decay Moonshine. Goodbye, old friend; it's been fun!

As a final note: don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter the Winter Weather Minis giveaway!


  1. I loooooooove the formulation of the Bite lip pencils, but after trying on the colors I've been eying in Sephora, none of them quite blow me away. Like Pomegranate wasn't as deep and blue-based as I tend to like my reds and Cranberry wasn't very cranberryish on me, more of a bright pink. I have a deep skin tone (NW55) so a lot of colors tend to pull brighter on me than anticipated. They didn't look bad at all, but like you, I made a resolution to keep my stash small, so no buying (or keeping!) anything that isn't a must-have.

    Good idea of replacing certain things in your stash, makes expansion much more gradual, I imagine. I have far too many dupes in the organizer that holds my top lipsticks even after I went through my entire collection. I could definitely whittle it down further if I tried but I just don't have the heart right now lol.

    oooh that Dior shadow is so glittery. *__*

    I hate when cream products dry out with so much left in the pot but such is life.

    1. The Dior actually lasted quite a while, considering it was one of those mousse-type products that dries up fast; I was impressed! But I don't think they make that formulation anymore. Such a shame.

      Pomegranate and Cranberry are definitely brighter...did they have any of the darker shades, like Tanin? A shame the ones you tried din't work on you. :(