Sunday, February 9, 2014

Introducing TEH PUPPEH!

There's no denying that the undisputed, unrivaled queen of our household is TEH KITTEH, best known as Simmis, also known as Her Royal Fluffy Majesty Empress Simran of the Upstairs, Queenie, Miss Kitteh Oh Miss Kitteh, Little Boo, and Ms. Fuzzybum. She is the ruler of my heart; I adore her, and no one and no thing can ever replace her.

But my sister got a German Shepherd puppy recently, and...she's kind of cute. She also comes to visit every once in a while. So I figured you guys wouldn't be opposed to the occasional dog photo. Shown here at 6 weeks and 4 months of age, respectively, she is...Kona, TEH PUPPEH.


  1. Kitteh, she is Fluffeh and must to showered with adoration and cuddles. She is beautiful!

    And yep, puppeh pictures can never hurt.

  2. Both are adorbs, but I am a kitteh girl all the way.
    Is she a Maine Coon?

    1. Not sure. She's a Siamese mix, so there could definitely be some Maine Coon in there.