Friday, March 21, 2014

Art Interlude

I couldn't recommend Toby Atticus Fraley's "The Secret Life of Robots" more if I tried. Each piece is exquisitely crafted, the messages rang true to both me and my boyfriend Kirby (visiting from the midwest), and the robot at the donation box scared the snot out of me in a good way. Admission is free. The exhibit will be up until April 27. Check it out at Space in Pittsburgh on Liberty Avenue.

Kirby's favorite bot.

My favorite bot. I think this shows the differences in our personalities and worldviews...

While "The Secret Life of Robots" was my favorite exhibit this trip, Kirby's favorite was "Structures of Time and Space," by Erwin Redl. This exhibition is also free and is open until April 4. Check it out at the Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh above the Wood Street Subway Station.


  1. I love these exhibits! Behold, robots do grow old and take lots of meds, too :-)

    1. It was such a fun exhibit! And the gallery space was nice, too. Definitely worth a look!

    2. I would! Too bad it is far away :-( I have a toddler who is into robots (i.e. everything that MOVES by itself) He'd probably be bewildered why these robots are not moving :-)

    3. Some of them actually do move and light up! That's why the robot holding the donation box scared me: it's motion-activated.