Tuesday, August 5, 2014

25 Tops: Lancome Pale Lip

We all know I'm not the best about utilizing nude lipsticks. But what you might not know is that there are also days when I want to wear makeup, but I don't want to function that much. I mean, yes, it's usually a relaxing experience, a creative experiment I relish. There are always those days, though, when I want it on my face instantly. I don't want to fuss with foundation, I don't want to fiddle with 50 products, and I don't want to perfect my lip line. Those are my days for lazy eyeliner and an "I can smear this on and nobody will know I didn't exercise restraint" lipstick.

So on this particular day, I decided to use a bit of concealer and powder for my base, and I brushed up my brows to add some "interest" to an otherwise lazy makeup look. It may be "brighter" than what I normally do, but trust me, it's lazy.

Lancome Pale Lip was a gift from a subscriber during my YouTube heyday. Even if I didn't care for the color, I would probably cling to it because of that sentimental value. (I like to pretend I've gotten over the whole "But it was a gift!" mentality, but it still rears its head from time to time.) Luckily, I actually like this lipstick. It's sheer, creamy, and not-that-long-lasting, which pushes it out of my usual wheel house. But as you can probably tell, it fills a specific function: it lightens and softens my natural lip color without looking gray or ashy. That's not something I need often, because again, I'm generally quite lazy and bland with my eye makeup. But I do like the look from time to time. This lipstick is therefore on the KEEP list.

I'm also putting RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer on the KEEP list. Even if I didn't like this product on my face, I would keep it around for my mom's sake; it looks really beautiful on her skin. (She doesn't wear makeup too often, so if she needs it, I just hand it over to her; otherwise, it stays in my travel makeup bag.) My MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Genuine Orange, however, is going in the PURGE pile. It's a lovely, creamy pencil with decent staying power when I use it on the lips, but because I decided to keep an orange that doesn't need lipliner, it can't serve that purpose anymore. I tested it on the eyes here, and while I love the fun pop of color, it's a little too creamy for that purpose. It was hard to get a sharp wing, and you can see how it transferred in to my crease, despite the fact that I used a primer and powdered over it. This fun pencil deserves a new home.

As a side note, I decided to PURGE both of my NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils. While they are truly beautiful, and I would gladly recommend them to most people, they aren't as long-wearing as similar colors in my collection. More specifically, they have a lot of silicone-y slip that makes it difficult to get a super-sharp lip line, and they can smear throughout the day. That's a plus for people who want a matte color that want dry their lips out, but like I've said: I usually want my bright, matte lipsticks to behave like carpaint.

I wore my Bite Beauty lip pencil in Velvet to my sister's wedding picnic recently, and I let her borrow my Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude, and both of those are currently in the KEEP pile. Lipstick Queen Saint Berry, however, just doesn't flatter my skintone, so it's been PURGED.

1. Hourglass ORLL in Muse
2. Hourglass ORLL in Riviera
3. Hourglass ORLL in Icon (mini size)
4. Chanel RAL in Dragon (DC)
5. Lancome Pale Lip
6. Bite Beauty HPP in Velvet
7. Lipstick Queen Saint in Pinky Nude

1. MAC ACL in Neon Orange
2. MAC SL in Sounds Like Noise (LE)
3. NARS VMLP in Cruella
4. NARS VMLP in Roman Holiday
5. Lipstick Queen Saint in Berry

1. MAC ACL in Impassioned 



  1. That's too bad the orange liner didn't work on your eyes; it looks strikingly beautiful!

    1. I'm going to stick to eyeshadows from now on. It's definitely a gorgeous color, though, so I'm moving it forward.