Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bad Outfit #24: New Header Image

Sometimes, I see something so weird, so ugly, so delightfully tickery-tackery that I just can't resist it. That's the definitely the case with this stretch skirt: it was hanging on the side of a rack at Goodwill and cost a mere $5. My sister and her best friend were aghast when I insisted on trying it on, then rushed to buy it; they couldn't get over how cheap-looking it was.

Yeeeeeah, that's the skirt for me.

I should probably clarify that this isn't as "special occasion" as it might seem. I know that a lot of people wear skirts to feel feminine and look nice, but, uh...I wear them when I'm at home because they're comfortable and they don't have buttons. Same story with most of my dresses and leggings: I want to get dressed so I don't feel like a total scrub, but if I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going to put on jeans. Hey, I never claimed to be ambitious!

TOP: Old Navy button-up

SKIRT: We Too Sportswear; thrifted

BOOTS: Vince Camuto Bollo