Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Five Lipsticks MAC MUST Bring Back!

 Clockwise from top: Sounds Like Noise, Party Parrot, Scarlet Ibis, Petals and Peacocks, Viva Glam Nicki I

I'm a fan of MAC lipsticks because of the wide range of colors and the variety of finishes. Want opaque and uber-matte? There's a Retro Matte for that. Want the same pigmentation, but with a slightly more "forgiving" formula? Check out the Amplified Creams. Nothing in the standard lipstick line appeals to you? Consider a Pro Longwear or Sheen Supreme instead. Interested in charity? Buy a Viva Glam product and wear it with pride. Whether you're looking for the most flattering nude or the brightest blue-red, MAC's made a tube of it.

The problem, however, is that most of MAC's best colors are limited edition. And while MAC has been known to repromote certain shades, and even make a few permanent, there are a few hard-to-find tubes that rule all, but never make a re-appearance. I'm here to sound the battle cry: MAC, bring these back!

Note: you can click on the shade names to see a FOTD utilizing the lipstick.

1. Sounds Like Noise -- It may seem odd for me to post this here, seeing as the shade isn't flattering on me and I'm selling it in my current blogsale. But this is an opaque orange lipstick with strong yellow undertones. I repeat: it has strong yellow undertones and it's opaque! That can be a hard shade to find in a wearable formulation. Yeah, you've got OCC Lip Tars, but those things are a real bitch to work with. At the very least, this would be a great shade for makeup artists who want to add a dash of warmth to the center of a red lip or mix exciting new shades.

2. Party Parrot -- I feel like such an asshole every time I wear this lipstick. You know why? Because without fail, somebody asks what I'm wearing and where they can get it, and I always have to respond with, "They don't make it anymore." So I'm either breaking the person's heart (if they believe me) or coming off as a possessive arse (if they don't believe me). Party Parrot is one of the most saturated pink corals I've ever seen, and the formula lasts for hours and hours. I believe this shade has been repromoted once, but it sold out faster than you can say "BUT I WANTED IT!" (Luckily, a friendly MUAer bought me a tube at midnight.)

3. Scarlet Ibis -- This shade has been released with both the amazing Iris Apfel collection and the so-so Marilyn Monroe collection, and both times, it got some flack for being "too much like Lady Danger." And I get it: they're both matte, warm reds. But I prefer Scarlet Ibis because it's more neutral--there's a warm undertone, but it's not exactly an orange red the way Lady Danger is--and because it seems to sit more comfortably on my lips. If I had to make a choice between Lady Danger and Scarlet Ibis, the latter would win every time.

4. Petals and Peacocks -- I almost want MAC to re-release this shade just so people will stop being a pain in my ass. "Why, Renee!" you ask, "Whatever do you mean?" I mean that half a dozen people have e-mailed me about buying this lipstick off of me, even though I've never mentioned purging it or putting it up for sale. I'm not lying. Every couple of months, I get another, "Well, if you ever want to sell it, definitely sell it to meeeeee please ha ha ha!" type of email. It's agitating. But I can see why people obsess over it: it's the most perfect purple lipstick MAC has ever produced, with a distinct bright violet tone that can't be found in their other offerings. Snob is too pale, Heroine is too dark...when it comes to purple, P&P takes the cake, hands down. Give me some relief, MAC: repromote this shade.

5. Viva Glam Nicki I -- Part of the reason why I want MAC to repromote this shade is because it has a distinct yellow undertone a la Sounds Like Noise. It's also one of my most versatile lipsticks. Yeah, it's bold and beautiful applied at full opacity--great for a modern pin-up look!--but it's ten times more exciting to me as a stain. I like to tap a small amount of this lipstick on to my mouth for a fresh pink stain: perfect for light makeup days and work!


  1. God, it's so bizarre that people email you out of the blue asking to buy your lipsticks. I guess MAC is just really good at inspiring that kind of frenzy! Petals and Peacocks looks a lot like Maybelline Hot Plum to me, if someone is reading this and contemplating another such offer...

    By the way, how would you compare Party Parrot and Relentlessly Red? They look like similar pink-red corals to me, but am I missing something? I was always kind of sad to have missed out on Party Parrot, myself.

    1. I also get unsolicited requests for foundation samples. :/

      Party Parrot is warmer, more pink, and has a slightly creamier finish. Relentlessly Red is more neutral and red, and it has an uber-matte finish. They're definitely different if you're like me and you wear a lot of brights, but if you only need one or two reds in your arsenal? One of the two would probably satisfy you fine.

    2. Thanks! I prefer my corals on the redder side, so RR would likely suit me better. Plus I have Milani Flamingo Pose, which is the only coral-pink I really need.