Sunday, September 7, 2014

25 Tops: Beaute Liqui-Gel Stain in Flouron

When it comes to cool, unlike-any-other lip formulas, few products can top my Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stain in Flouron. I gave this bright beauty a rave review, and it was well-deserved: this is definitely a long-wearing product with plenty of pigment and a relatively comfortable feel. Also, it looks cool. I always get a mixture of compliments and questions when I wear this stuff. It somehow manages to sink in to the lips and stay bright. Awesome!

But I think it's time for Flouron to move on.

I stand by my initial review. In a nutshell, this is a bright pink lip stain with a slightly powdery feel. It can be used on the cheeks, but tends to dry too fast for my tastes. It can also be layered. All in all, a very cool and unusual formula.

But I don't reach for Flouron much. And I'm starting to realize why: it's not as versatile as my other "neon pink," MAC Viva Glam Nicki I. Think about it: I can dab VG Nicki on for a soft pink stain or apply it full-force for loads of color; you can't really sheer out Flouron. Flouron's texture means it's always going to look "soft-edged" on my mouth, but usually I want the harder line that a traditional lipstick can give me. Flouron stains the lips for about 2 days, even after I've used an oil-based makeup remover, but VG Nicki wipes clean away when I'm done.

Also, every once in a while, this happens with the Beaute stain:

Nothing in particular seems to cause the transfer. I just have days where this product wants to slip right to the center of my lips and look like a disgusting ring around the inside of my mouth.

The Beaute stains are still 5 out of 5 products, but I'm downsizing here, and I can't afford to be sentimental or lenient. Since I have another bright pink that does roughly the same job, but better, I have to declare Beaute Flouron a PURGE and MAC Viva Glam Nicki I and KEEP.

Also, I've decided to PURGE Bite Madeira after all. Just not as flattering on me as I'd like.

1. Hourglass ORLL in Muse 
2. Hourglass ORLL in Riviera 
3. Hourglass ORLL in Icon (mini size) 
4. Chanel RAL in Dragon (DC)
5. Lancome Pale Lip
6. Bite Beauty HPP in Velvet
7. Lipstick Queen Saint in Pinky Nude

8. Lipstick Queen Jean Queen
9. MAC ML in Scarlet Ibis
10. MAC SL in Viva Glam Nicki
11. Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Native

1. MAC ACL in Neon Orange 
2. MAC SL in Sounds Like Noise (LE)
3. NARS VMLP in Cruella
4. NARS VMLP in Roman Holiday
5. Lipstick Queen Saint in Berry

6. Bite HPP in Madeira
7. Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stain in Flouron
2. Elizabeth Arden Poppy Cream

1. MAC RML in Relentlessly Red
2. MAC SL in Sushi Kiss

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