Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beauty Sightings: RuPaul's Drag Race, season 6

Season 6 is probably one of my all-time favorite seasons. Even though some of challenges were beyond insipid, and the editing shade was at an all-time high, I really loved some of the queens they brought on. Obviously, my favorite was winner Bianca Del Rio...AND I GOT TO SEE HER LIVE. (Still not over it.)

Click on a picture to expand it and get a better view. As always, if you recognize a product, leave me a comment so I can update the post!

There are a ton of images in this post, so I put all but the first picture under a break. Be sure to expand this post! I actually ran out of room for brand labels, which is why I decided to just remove most of them for this Beauty Sightings post.

ColorEvolution was the sponsor this season. Here are the brand-spanking new kits each queen was provided.

Kelly Mantle's personal makeup. I can't see too much of what's inside the clear container, but I'd be surprised if that compact in the top box, on the left, isn't a MAC compact. There's some Coty Airspun powder in the bag on the right, and some stick foundation (possibly Ben Nye) in the middle of her work station.

Here's Gia Gunn's closet. The white bottle of hair spray is Salon Grafix, most likely the shaping spray. What are the blue bottles...?

BenDeLaCreme holding a bottle of baby oil, most likely Johnson's.

It was REALLY hard to get a shot of this face mist Kelly is using, but it appears to be in a gold bottle.

A few shots of different queens applying their makeup. Clockwise from top left: Gia Gunn, BenDeLaCreme, Kelly Mantle, Laganja Estranja.

Something Target brand is in the bottom left corner. Powder, perhaps?

Two shots of Milk applying what I'm 95% sure is Kryolan TV Paint Stick foundation.

Baby wipes and some powder on a workstation.

Joslyn Fox's brush belt, and more baby oil in her kit.

The much-loved got2be Glued spray. I feel like I should stop pointing this thing out, it pops up so much. Also, loving Gia's pale yellow polish!

Bianca's makeup. There are several stick foundations here, some loose powder, and some pots of color. This is most likely Ben Nye and Kryolan. Also, you're going to notice Spirit Gum popping up on Bianca's work station if you watch the show; I just had a terrible time getting a picture of it.

Trinity's brush belt, some powder, and what might be a MAC pigment vial and a bottle of Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. (If it's not the Hourglass primer, then it could win a look-alike contest!) I KNOW I recognize the packaging for that silver-and-blue bottle, but I can't remember the brand! Anybody? EDIT: Robin has pointed out that the silver-and-blue bottle is most likely a Rave hair product. Thanks!

A look inside April Carrion and Gia Gunn's person kits. I think I see some Chanel, Jesse's Girl, and MAC, but I'm not going to tag anything until I get a confirmation!

Baby powder at somebody's work station, possibly Adore Delano's. Courtney Act has some Albolene cleanser.

No idea what lip gloss Bianca Del Rio is holding here, but it doesn't look like ColorEvolution packaging to me.

Bianca Del Rio is removing her nail polish here with remover and cotton rounds. There are some of her infamously huge lashes on the table; she's mentioned gluing together several pairs from MAC to get the look she wants. Also, kettle chips! (Pretty sure those are the Miss Vikie's salt and vinegar product, but don't quote me.)

Dela's table contains loose powder, a powder blue box holding what I think are bobby pins, and another bottle of poorly-concealed Salon Grafix Shaping Spray.

Sally Hansen Airbrush makeup can be spotted between Ru and Laganja. I'll be STUNNED if that bottle on the right isn't Static Guard.

I see these brightly-colored powder palettes on almost every season of drag race. Still dying to know what they are!

A nice shot of Adore's makeup. There's either baby powder or corn starch in front of her. I spot Duo lash glue and a few MAC products as well. That pink hairspray bottle that keeps popping up on different tables and counters should be Suave.

A-ha! Maybelline Great Lash! The pots of cream color in front of Dela look like more Ben Nye, Kryolan, and possible Mehron.

Whatever is in that bottle on the far right is Sephora brand.

Is it just me, or is there a LOT of brightly-colored duct tape this season?

That nail polish on the right looks like a China Glaze color. On the left, you can see a OCC Pure Cosmetic Pigment...I think it's blue, but my eyes might be playing tricks on me.

Bianca moves so fast here that it's hard to capture a picture, but I'm pretty sure she's using the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

Joslyn is kind of adorable here. There's all kinds of stuff behind her, including some stick foundation, cleanser, and what appears to be a toner.

There's a MAC foundation in front of Courtney. I'm pretty sure it's Studio Fix Fluid.

Another shot of the Albolene cleanser at Courtney Act's station. I'm pretty sure that's another bottle of Sally Hansen Airbrush peeking out in the back left corner.

The loose powder in the kit is most likely Ben Nye.

Darienne Lake and Courtney Act both appear to be holding MAC compacts.

Most pathetic use of duct tape EVER--we can see the Target symbol, guys.

Finally! A shot of Bianca Del Rio's spirit gum! I'm not sure what that product with the gold lid is, but it kinda looks like something Estee Lauder...? There's also a Walgreens sensitive skin spray and some Aquage hair products on the right. I see a MAC lipstick tube laying down to the left of the mirror.


  1. That silver and blue bottle that you wondered about appears to be from a brand called Rave. I had no idea they still existed past about 1992!