Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration #5: Thick Liner

Holy crap, it's been FOREVER since I've done a Pinterest Inspiration post! I think I just got bored with some of the images I selected, and the few that were truly different from my usual look...well, I didn't want to put forth the effort. But I recently purchased some Colourpop lip products for review, and a kind person sent me a few items that weren't working for them. So why not combine them?

Side note: I'm wearing Tauer PHI Une Rose de Kandahar today, and while I'm not sure it suits my personality, I'm thinking it suits this look. (If you're looking for sound logic, you won't find it on this blog.)

Apparently, this is quite a popular Pinterest/Instagram poster. I live in a hole, so I don't recognize her. BUT! What a beautiful look! It manages to bring the drama without using tons of color or shimmer.

Of course, those nude lips look horrendous on my skintone, so I swapped it out for a light coral. My mom hates it, but I...kinda like it. It's more dramatic than I expected, so in the future, I'll probably wear it with much lighter eye makeup.

Here's how it looks when my eyes are open. I DO wear flicked eyeliner from time to time, but it's much thinner, and I don't put any product o the lower lash line. I want to stick with that, I think, because this really heavy eyeliner is not really flattering on my hooded eyes.

But the lipstick! God, I know a lot of people are gonna hate it...but I'm a gaudy ho, so I love it.

And of course, a slew of brushes and products. I am CRAP at doing these heavy eyemakeup looks. :/

I applied two layers of MAC Face & Body for this look, then moved on to the eyes. The Kevyn Aucoin duo's formula is very similar to the powder blush formula: easy to blend and quite pigmented, but sweet crispy crackers, it is DUSTY. I didn't get a ton of fallout, mind you, but just tapping a brush in the pans kicked up tons of powder. I should've used more of the purple shade; as it stands, I think the crease came out rather muddy.

I was going to wear false lashes with this, but I realized I still haven't repurchased lash glue. So instead, I used the last of my DiorShow Maximizer sample and topped it with two mascaras: Marc Jacobs O!Mega and L'oreal Miss Manga.  Then I spent half an hour on the liner, because I do not have mad skills, and added some concealer when that was done. I'll note that the Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer in Radiant, the Kevyn Aucoin duo, and the Shu Uemura cream liner were all kind gifts.

The lips are Colourpop Lippiestix in Cake, with a bit of Colourpop Fancy lipliner around the edge. There's a Cake lipliner that matches the lipstick, but I went for Fancy instead because it's similar, just darker, and I think these kind of milky shades benefit from a darker lipliner. (Thoughts?)


  1. Replies
    1. I think I'm just very, very picky. And I'm biased because it felt "odd" on my face--I was wearing way more on the eyes than I normally do.

  2. This is so Lana Del Rey it hurts! I love the peachy crease color. I recognize that lady from Pinterest, though I have no idea who she actually is. This is definitely one of her simpler looks: most of them feature way too much contouring and layering and blending for my taste. I think the look turned out beautifully on you! And I've been meaning to make a Colourpop order myself.

    I love that our mothers have wildly different but equally strong opinions on the lip colors we should be wearing. If my mother saw me wearing a light coral, she'd claim that it made me look "washed out" and bully me into switching it for a plum or berry.

    1. Oh my God, can our moms meet and somehow merge?! My mom doesn't mind if I coat my eyelids, but as soon as anything other than a nude pink is on my lips? She's not amused. (I always appreciate her opinion, though, cause MOM!)

  3. hot damn this is such a great look! That coral is killer... I need one of my own ;) I suppose I'm a bit of a 'hoochie mama' as my grandmother would say when it comes to lip colors. I've also been a bit hesitant when it comes to graphic liner as my lids are a bit hooded, but lisa eldridge does a great look for that.... I mean, no surprise there

    1. The coral is really fun. :) My eyes are reeeeally hooded, so I'm not wild about the heavy liner on me. It also takes a bit longer with you have hooded eyes. But it was fun for something different, y'know?