Tuesday, February 17, 2015

PK Perfumes Giveaway! - CLOSED

I've recently become enamored with Paul Kiler's work, particularly Gold Leather, so I decided to prep for a giveaway. Because I'm a fan of "reader's choice," I decided to let a super-scientific poll decide which PK Perfumes fragrance I selected for the giveaway.

And the poll results said...

...it's a tie. Oops. I honestly expected Gold Leather, Red Leather, or Violet Chocolatier to win the day, so this wasn't entirely surprising. But a tie? Hmmmm. I finalized the results with a coin flip (also super-scientific!), and Violet Chocolatier was the winner.

But! I bought myself a Gold Leather purse spray. Hence, I'll be adding a sample vial of Gold Leather to the prize, along with a few other bits and bobs I have floating around. :)

For a chance to win PK Perfumes Violet Chocolatier (and the aforementioned bits and bobs), comment on this blog post with a description of your dream fragrance. What would it smell like? Where would it take us? If paintings had smells, which would your dream scent smell like?

Please be aware that there are some rules for this contest. You must be at least 18 years old and located in the US to enter. You must be prepared to provide me with your full name and address if you win. You may only enter once. Entries will be finalized on March 18th, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. I will use Random.com to pick a winner.

You do NOT have to be subscribed to this blog to enter, but I will announce the winner in a blog post, so it might help to bookmark BOGL for the next two months if you've entered. If you do not respond to that blog post within a week, I will draw a new winner. Make sure your name is on the comment, because that's how I'll announce the winner. (I don't recommend just typing up your e-mail; you're asking for spam.)

Also, I want to remind everyone that I pay for these giveaways out of my own pocket. That's not me trying to guilt you, that's just me saying that I have to have the money available to send the products out. Hence, it may take me a week or two to get the goodies sent to you after you win. But they will be sent! :)


  1. A dream fragrance... would smell of a well loved leather jacket and the wilderness after the rain. Impossible things like cut grass at dusk when the breeze pulls clover and lilac and the heady undertones of wet stone. It would have sunshine, faint high notes of citrus and when mixed with the right body chemistry mysterious hints of earl grey and old books. This fragrance would capture the fever dream of spring and the electric confidence of a summer thunderstorm. A radiance of charm and wit. It would be the perfect pair of doc martins and the familiar embrace of a stolen hoodie. Both sass and wit. Wild abandon and with the promise of satisfaction. With my magic wand that is what I would abracadabra into a little bottle.

  2. I have a few thoughts, since I have very strong scent memories. I think I would want a fragrance centered (scentered?) around burnt gunpowder and honeysuckle. That's my memory of the 4th of July. After the fireworks show at the local community college, my family would walk back to the car past a huge wall of blooming honeysuckle vines. I distinctly remember noticing the overwhelmingly heady scent of the flowers mixing with the smoke and sulfur and liking it quite a bit. Honeysuckle and a hint of gunpowder, possibly with woody notes for grounding and green, waxy notes to suggest foliage. I might want to add a touch of a sparkling fruit note (perhaps a little lemon or fig) to give the sense of spilled sweets after a fair is done.