Saturday, April 18, 2015

All Neon Like

Wearing Me Now Generation II #38.

Your eyes are not deceiving you: that is straight up neon lipstick on my mouth. Actually, it's even MORE neon in person, but just try capturing that in a photograph and see how it works for you.

Now, before we get too engrossed, let me explain how I got these products. It might surprise you to know that, sometimes, companies offer me free stuff. I say "it might surprise you" because I've never featured a free product on this blog (excluding gifts from friends). That's because every time a company offers me stuff to try, I tell them that I'll only try it if I can be honest about how well the product worked for me. Obviously, that sends a lot of companies screaming; they're out to make money, and a bad blog review can impact profit margins. But it's also obvious that I am nobody's shilling thrall.

Born Pretty Store was willing to let me try these products, deal with whatever comments I gave them, and give me a coupon for my readers to use. So I said, "Sure, I'll try your stuff." And here we are!

For future reference, any and all posts that feature products sent for my reviewing consideration will be marked in the blogpost, and posts will be labeled "free goods."


The folks at Born Pretty sent me two brands of liquid lipsticks: Me Now Generation II (in the test tube looking vials) and Pretty Love Liphops (with the ribbons on the lids). I'd heard about the former from Julia's Allure months ago, and the latter just...came in pretty neon colors. I'M NOT HARD TO PLEASE, OKAY?!

Let's start with the bad things about both products: you need the patience of a saint to get them to work for you. These products go streaky easily and take forever to dry. You basically have to apply a thin layer, then sit around with your mouth hanging open like some demented snake for a good 5 minutes. Then you apply another layer and wait for 5 more minutes, until you get the intensity you want. I'm serious; I have a picture of me doing it:

Letting the 3rd layer dry.

Embarrassing. I look like that monster from The Taking of Deborah Logan. (Click at your own risk, oh ye easily scared people.)

Also, the Liphops are thinner and less sticky than the Me Now Generation II's, which makes them more comfortable to wear and a bit quicker to apply, but they're also more prone to streaking. Basically, you can have more pigment that takes more time, or less pigment quicker.

That being said, once you get these things on, they are not coming off. These are some of the most apocalypse-proof lip colors I've ever used. Given their 5 minutes to dry between layers, they will stay through most eating, drinking, kissing, and walking-in-hot-weather situations. If you like to use makeup removers like Bioderma because they're gentle as the breeze or whatnot, you're going to be out of luck with these: they need a good soaking with oil to come off.

Both products feel almost powdery to the touch, but I didn't find them any more or less drying than most liquid lipsticks. That being said, you will want to exfoliate and hydrate your lips shortly before applying these for the smoothest look possible.

 Wearing Me Now Generation II #37, which will not freaking show up as bright neon orange as it actually is in ANY picture.

These are so incredibly bright and neon that they can actually make a camera "whack out." They will get people to notice you on the streets. The longevity and incredibly bright colors make me think that these aren't the best choice for day-to-day office wear, but they're definitely an option for the upcoming summer festival season.

Here are the full swatches:

 Flash on top, dim daylight on bottom.

 Me Now Generation II #38 and #37 are on the left, and Liphop #10 and #08 are on the right. I think you can see the variations of color much better in these swatches: MNGII #38 is more yellow than LH #10, and LH #08 is a creamy coral color versus MNGII #37's straight up orange-ness.

Also, these swatches really show you just how freaking BRIGHT these are. *drools*

 I'm also wearing the 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pencil in Shade #2, which is much darker than I expected it to be--I'd compare it to Anastasia Beverly Hills's Chocolate shade. The formula is stupid pigmented: I had to use the most feather-light strokes and the tiniest bit of product known to man to get this brow look. Too much pressure and you'll end up looking like Groucho Marx. The formula is waxy and stays for quite a while, but it can get chunky, which requires that you brush through your brows. The plastic comb is useless and will just pull out huge streaks of the brow pencil, so I used a $1 ELF brow spoolie to smooth everything out.

Overall, that brow pencil isn't going to replace my Shu Uemura Hard Formula. But the dark, rich color will be useful for specific FOTDs, and because it's so affordable, I'm more likely to throw it in my travel bag for nights on the town. The cap is effing atrocious, though, and will not stay on tight--I have to tape it shut.

OH, and I'm wearing these false lashes in style #1. False lashes are false lashes to me, but really, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that I put on false eyelashes?! I am so freaking lazy these days, that was really a feat.

Here's the 10% off coupon code the folks at Born Pretty Store provided for my fantastic readers. I hope you can find something you like!


  1. I ordered a few of those Generation II lipsticks 4 days ago and I must say I AM IN LOVE with your shades. I will have to wait some time to get them, but when I will, I will surely order yours and a few more. They look extraordinary on you. Heck they look magnificent!!!!

    1. They're a pain to work with, but the impact is definitely there!

  2. Oh man, which one are you wearing in the 2nd picture? I love that color!

    1. The same one as the first image; it just looks less neon because I'm not in front of a light.