Saturday, May 30, 2015

GIVEAWAY: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow (updated 5/30/15) - CLOSED

UPDATE: Due to travel plans, I have changed the ending date for this giveaway.

If you are unable to comment on this post with your entry, please comment here instead.

In honor of my life getting slightly less hectic as summer approaches, I'm having a giveaway! This is for a bottle of one of my new favorite products--the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadows--in the shade Rio de Rose Gold. This coppery-gold liquid eyeshadow will work on most skintones, and its warmth makes it a great option for easy summer makeup.

The bottle in this photo is actually mine. Yours will be brand new and in the box. :)

Entering is, as always, super-simple: comment on this blog post and tell me what you plan to do this summer! Make sure your name is on the comment, because that's how I'll announce the winner. (I don't recommend just typing up your e-mail; you're asking for spam.)

Please be aware that there are some rules for this contest:
  • You must be at least 18 years old and located in the US to enter.
  • You must be prepared to provide me with your full name and address if you win.
  • You may only enter once.
  • Entries will be finalized on June 21st, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. I will use to pick a winner.
  • You do NOT have to be subscribed to this blog to enter, but I will announce the winner in a blog post, so it might help to bookmark BOGL for the next two months if you've entered. If you do not respond to that blog post within a week, I will draw a new winner.

Also, I want to remind everyone that I pay for these giveaways out of my own pocket. That's not me trying to guilt you, that's just me saying that I have to have the money available to send the products out. Hence, it may take me a week or two to get the goodies sent to you after you win. But they will be sent! :)

Best of luck, and thank you for supporting Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick!


  1. I have to work this summer, quite a lot. So I won't be able to go anywhere. Plus, I have to move to another State and so life goes. But I will (wishful thinking?) make enough space and time to explore my new city and eat, happily, my life away.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I have been dying to try this liquid coppery goodness.

  2. I will be taking 7 classes over the summer, and finally graduating! Then I will be getting on a plane and heading back home and moving in with my fiancee. Hopefully getting a job working with fish! I'm so excited!

  3. Hello! I want to make an effort to take more road trips with my husband and spend some more time with my friends. Work has been so hectic that I spend most weekends winding down aka sleeping aka being a boring blob on the couch.

  4. Looking to shoot a short documentary and gather funds for a feature. Excited and apprehensive!

  5. I will be building up my store, going to vegas for the first time EVERRRR and attending my friend's wedding. Super excited

  6. Not too many exciting plans for the majority of the summer, but we're heading to Tuscany in September to spend two weeks with the family (and eat ALL the gelato, obviously). It seems it's going to be one hot summer here in New York!

  7. I plan to volunteer and find a job. Just ended up a relationship, so I'm just hoping to make this summer count. Read all the books I haven't been able to read, get in shape, dance, be happy.

  8. This summer I plan to swim a lot with my kiddo! we barely hit the lake last year and I dont want to make that mistake again. Plus, I need a tan ;)

  9. Job hunting and a road trip for a wedding

  10. I plan to start learning a new language with my thirteen year old son. Then maybe go to Florida for a few weeks to see my sister.

  11. Hello! I plan on working mostly this summer. I'm trying to save up money and vacation days. My sister & I want to take a trip to NYC next year (she's never been) for her 40th. And then I want to go to Europe for the first time for my birthday in 2 years.
    This liquid shadow looks gorgeous!!! Perfect for summer!

  12. I plan on doing some camping and hiking.

  13. Thanks for having such a fun giveaway! I'm teaching a course this summer, working on some research, and then taking two weeks off in August to do some camping in Northern California

  14. So sorry if my comment posts multiple times. I'm not trying to cheat the system. I hit submit and my comment isn't showing up!

    This summer I hope to engage in a bit of self rediscovery. Having just graduated from college and feeling like I don't know who I am anymore, I really hope to take some time to reconnect with myself and get ready to dive into whatever is next with, hopefully, some beach days thrown in for good measure. Thanks so much for offering such a generous giveaway! -Makyla

  15. First off, this isn't part of the giveaway rules but I just wanted to say that I love your reviews on products. They are thorough, honest, and positively perfect. (: Seriously, I only look to you for reviews on highlighters (I loved the most recent 2015 installment).

    Now, for the giveaway! I would have to say that I am *hopefully* going to get an acceptance letter this summer! I just graduated from Hopkins and am now going to be a summer RA (which is going to be a blast!). Aside from that, I am anxiously awaiting an acceptance letter so that I can begin a Master's program next year!