Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lipstick Diaries #3: Hourglass Riviera and NARS Rikugien

It's time for the next edition of Lipstick Diaries...and for a change, I like both shades, even though they are totally different!

First up is Hourglass Riviera (obvs the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick formula). This is the only orange lipstick I've ever loved. It's not too orange, not too yellow, just straight up orange. True, it makes my teeth look a bit yellow when I smile, and if I don't conceal the sallow spots on my face, it can exacerbate them. But it's so face-brightening, I just can't help but love it. I wear this when I want something bold, but don't want the traditional red or the runway-ready hot pink.

Next, NARS Rikugien. I got this little Satin Lip Pencil in the 2015 Sephora Birthday Gift, and initially, I kinda wrote it off. The formula still doesn't wow me--I definitely wiped it all off of my mouth halfway through a tub of popcorn and 30 minutes in to Ant-Man. It's a great every day shade for work, though, because it's so close to my natural lip color, just with more brown and plum tones to it. I could smear it on my mouth sans a mirror and still look presentable.

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