Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sample Rundown #9

The more I do these Sample Rundown posts, the more I think I'm getting unbearably picky. Does anybody agree? Am I refining my tastes as I mature, or getting bitchier as I age? I can never tell. ANYWAY!

Buxom Full & Fabulous mascara -- This is one of the mascaras from Buxom's "Mascara Bar," which lets you choose the wand that best works for you. The wand on this tube was actually nice for separation: it was rubberized and had stiff, short bristles that really combed through my lashes. But that's about where my praise ends. The Full & Fabulous variety is supposed to give you "lush volume," but I found the effect overall very "meh." Also, this flaked like crazy on me. Not a keeper.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary mist -- I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dying to try this stuff. Ever since Ruth from A Model Recommends talked it up, I've been sniffing around different sites, hoping for a sample or a cheaper mini-bottle. I finally obtained a sample,'s nice? But nothing new or special. It had the same effect on my skin as cheaper rose water sprays, like the Heritage Rosewater and Glycerin, though it admittedly felt a little lighter and more "refined." That effect? Light hydration. That's it. I did check out the ingredients for this, and I can't find anything unique enough or wonderful enough to justify the $90-for-a-full-bottle cost.

Bite Lush Lip Wipes -- This is another product with a slightly absurd cost: $12 for a pack of 10 with a little mirror. Honestly, they should just skip the mirror (it's not even a compact) and charge a little less for a 10 pack. That aside, I have to admit that these are pretty impressive wipes: they can remove the most stubborn lipsticks, including MAC Ruby Woo, without leaving the lips feeling dry or parched. I personally don't have much use for them, but if you are a blogger who does tons of lip swatches on the same day and/or you like to switch your lip color when you transition from day to night, these could be very useful.

Supergoop Forever Young SPF40 Hand Cream -- For the most part, this is a pretty beautiful product. I find it very hard to locate a hydrating, but not too greasy, handcream with SPF in it, and the Supergoop definitely fits the bill. It's lightweight, soothing, and provides good moisturization with a high level of sun protection. It also spreads very easily; I could see a full tube of this stuff lasting quite a while. My only complaint with this product? The smell is quite strong. It's not a bad smell, but I like wearing perfume, and I don't want that covered up by a citrus sunscreen scent. If Supergoop could get rid of that smell or make a fragrance-free version, I'd be all up on that full tube.

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