Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beauty Roulette: Fourth Update, and Ask Me (Almost) Anything Part 2

Here's the fourth update for my spring Beauty Roulette! I decided to put some of my items, like the Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter in Sol, on the back burner while I enjoyed other products. Honestly, it was the smart thing to do; it enabled me to finish other body lotions and to feel less frustration about how gross Sol smells. My spring empties is going to be full o' body cream, but I don't think my tub of Sol will be there.


MAC Ruby Woo has officially bit the dust! I used it all the way down to the tube's edge, then scooped out the rest and gave it to friends. (I know myself: I will avoid using any lipstick that requires a lip brush.) I was really shocked by how far I got with my Clinique Pink Honey lipstick until I realized that I often reapply it between classes, so I'm using more than I originally thought I was. I'm also making steady progress on my MAC Strobe Cream, but I still don't think I'll finish before the semester is over. Testing other brow products slowed down my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz usage, but I sure I'll have that baby finished within a month.

Not pictured here are the two face sunscreens I was comparing, Isehan Perfect Strong Moisture and Blue Lizard Face. Unfortunately, neither ended up working very well under makeup. But the Isehan has an extremely thin, liquid texture that makes it far more comfortable and invisible on my skin. The Blue Lizard sunscreen provides excellent protection, but it gives my already-white face a ghostly pallor and it feels quite heavy and thick. So I've purged the Blue Lizard product.

Other News!

I'll be making another self-indulgent Ask Me Almost Anything video. This time, though, I'll try to keep my answers to 60 seconds or less, since I droned on in the last video. Feel free to send me an email at the address in the sidebar, or leave a comment on this post, with your questions. I'm open to most questions, though I have some boundaries I won't cross.

After this post, I'll be taking a mini-break from blogging for a few reasons. I should be posting again in about 2 weeks, around the time the Glossier Giveaway winner is announced. I'll still be around to respond to comments and post on my regular forums/social media. Til April, then! :)


  1. Wow, I'm in awe of you! I don't think I'll ever finish a MAC lipstick, despite the fact that most of my favorite lipsticks are by them. I think I end up getting distracted, or bored by using the same color products too often. Do you have any advice for how to stick with products (especially color products) long enough to actually finish them up?

  2. Congrats on finishing Ruby Woo! I have yet to finish an opaque red lipstick.

    I'd like to know a bit about your academic work! What did you study in grad school and what subject do you currently teach?

  3. I can't even imagine finishing a bright red lipstick,which is why I really shouldn't buy anymore, or maybe I should just wear it more often.

    What got you into beauty?

  4. I've been meaning to ask you for a long time, so now that you mention it... Could you talk about how you sanitize your makeup? I don't do this, but I think I should and don't know how.

  5. Yeay, a FAQ! Would love an update on your favorite Bollywood movies! Do you have a favorite original soundtrack album? Also, for your skincare, do you do the whole acid peeling thingymajig? Love your blog! -- Siti