Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Stole This Idea

I love that so many of the people who read this blog feel free to speak their mind, even if their opinion runs counter to my own or is a far cry from the popular mindset. I'm especially happy when one of you guys posts something and I can say, "Oh, wow, that's a cool idea! I'm going to try that!"

Like this recent comment on a Beauty Roulette post:

Okay, Shannon just blew my mind. Haul stuff and only allow yourself to open one item a week? Why didn't I think of that before?!

Obviously, I won't be doing this when I buy returnable items from a store like Sephora. I know you get 90 days to return for full cash back as long as you have a receipt, but eeeeeeh, that bothers me. I really like to return something I didn't like within 30 days. But for products bought on sale (which are almost always non-returnable), swap products, deluxe samples, or stuff hauled from a smaller company that doesn't do exchanges? BRILLIANT!

I've been doing this for about 2 weeks now, and I'm really loving it. Thus far, I've pulled out a deluxe sample mascara and a lipstick. :D It really does keep everything fresh and exciting! So thanks for the awesome idea, Shannon.

As a side note, I'm keeping my items in this cigar box that was hand painted by a local artist, Masha Vereshchenko. She doesn't always have boxes like this available on her Etsy, but when she does, they're usually in the $35 range and well worth a look. She always paints some truly beautiful works ranging from $30 to $300 a canvas on average (based on the size), and prints are available if you'd rather not spring for an original. Honestly, I think having a special container adds to the experience.


  1. I do that too, actually - but it came about more from wanting to have pristine products to photograph for the blog reviews. Since taking photos is time consuming, I would only do maybe 2 products a week, and once those where shot, I was free to open them up and start testing. I have a lot less incoming make-up these days but I still ration out my new products out of habit :)

    1. That's legitimate! I tend to photograph things as soon as I get them so I can get rid of the external packaging ASAP, either by throwing it out (non-returnable items) or tucking it away in a box for the time being (returnable items).