Monday, August 1, 2016

Beauty Roulette Update + Finish 13 by Halloween

My most recent Beauty Roulette didn't go quite as I expected, mostly because of unexpected and/or very distracting events that popped up over the summer. Namely, my niece was born, my partner visited, my brother got a new job far away, and the department completely changed the books for our writing classes. Suffice to say that I kept forgetting to note how much I was using an item or what exactly I removed from my collection.

However, I did manage to meet a few of my goals! I purged a goodly number of items after I completed my most recent Moderate Stash post. I finished several products (they should pop up in my next empties video) and gave a few items a second chance. I put dents in a couple of products, but again, I forgot to keep track of the progress over this incredibly busy summer.

Now that my life is settling down again and I'm going to have a little more time to myself, I wanted to try a more traditional Project Pan challenge. This is the "Finish 13 by Halloween" challenge that's going around, where you attempt to complete at least 13 products by October 31st. A lot of YouTubers started this project almost a month ago, so I'm cutting my time down, but I still think three months (August, September, October) is a goodly amount of time! Here are the products I picked.

  1. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather purse spray -- I've actually used a ton of this 4ml fragrance, but it's taken me a while because I only use one spray at a time. I'd like to finish this one out, since Byredo Saffron is very similar and my boyfriend loves that one.
  2. Isehan Sunkiller Perfect Strong Moisture -- This has been my face sunscreen for the last two summers. Although it would certainly last for about 2 years after opening, I think I'd like to finish it this fall and find a face sunscreen that will work well under makeup.
  3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Pen in Radiant -- I'd planned on getting as far as I could with this product, then tossing it at the end of the summer, but it hasn't gone rancid yet and there's still a goodly amount of product. I'll keep using it through the fall instead.
  4. St. Ives Apricot Scrub (not pictured) -- I accidentally got a tube of this at the grocery store because our clerk was too busy preaching religion to us and gave us somebody else's health and beauty bag. I prefer the tub over the tube, so I'm going to try and get this out of the way.
  5. YSL Creme de Blush in Babydoll -- One of my bad habits is using personal favorite products sparingly so they don't run out as quickly. That's what has happened with this blush, which is still about half full despite being a favorite. They discontinued it, I panicked. Really, though, I need to keep giving it the love it deserves...then I can seek out a fair replacement.
  6. Nuxe Reve de Miel -- Apparently, there are a ton of people who can finish a pot of this lip balm in two years. Mine will officially expire in November of this year and I'm maybe halfway through. I think it's because I usually only use this right before bed. I'm going to try to use it more throughout the day to get as much out of this balm as I can!
  7. BareMinerals BareSkin Sheer Sun -- You'd think I'd have no problem using up a little deluxe sample, but guys, I just...don't wear bronzer. I don't. And when I swatched this, I immediately noticed how far one drop of product went on my skin. So part of my challenge here is figuring out how to finish up this little guy without looking like a doof on the daily.
  8. Milk Makeup Gel Brow in Pilsner -- This brow pencil is aptly named, since it has a smooth gel texture and it's easy to get your brows on in less than a minute with it. However, it's quite pigmented and dark; I probably should've gone for the lighter Pale Ale shade. I also have three brow pencils, which is overkill. This one might be a challenge for me to actually finish, but I'd at least like to see how far I can get.
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel -- As much as I love this product, I have gotten extremely lazy over the past few months. The end result is a full face of makeup with wonky brow hairs that start sticking straight up halfway through the day. Time to get back in to the habit of pasting them down!
  10. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon in Blacquer -- See above. I need to get back in to tightlighting, even if I'm not wearing flicked eyeliner. This is a sample I got a few years back with a 500 point perk, by the way, and I think it has the same amount of product as a full size pencil!
  11. Glossier Generation G in Jam -- I've decided to keep two of my Generation G lipsticks: this purple shade and a warm red called Crush. I really like one layer of Jam for a my-lips-but-better look and several layers for a soft plummy stain, so I'm curious to see how far I can get through this baby over the next few months.
  12. PK Perfumes Gold Leather -- Another item I've been hoarding, this is one of Paul Kiler's more expensive fragrances. I need to let myself enjoy this 4mL purse spray, though, instead of clinging to it like a crazy person. Also, because my partner doesn't like it much, the best time to wear it is probably while he's away.
  13. Milk Makeup Ubame mascara -- I got this deluxe sample mascara in a set of five with a voucher for a free full tube of your favorite, and this one will definitely be the winner. That said, it's a very sizable deluxe sample, and I have a bad habit of opening a ton of deluxe sample mascaras in a short period of time. (It's just really fun to try new mascara, amirite?) I'd like to see if I can focus my attention on this guy and use at least half of the product before it dries out.

I'll be keeping track of my progress with some of these beauty products, like the Glossier lipstick and Milk brow pencil, in my trusty notebook. I'll also try to do at least one update before the finale--the halfway point will be mid-September.

Wish me luck, and let me know if you're doing a Project Pan yourself!


  1. I have the same bronzer sample. I'm using it in sunscreen! A drop or two just to even my skin tone so I don't wear foundation. It's good for outdoor activities. I add it to everything I put on my neck and chest too. Which gives me just a hint of tint. I also split a drop between my cheeks. Oddly enough, it doesn't look off on me when used like this! Which is a surprise with how pale I am.

  2. Good luck! I'm curious why you decided not to keep Glossier Like; I thought it looked great on you, but I know you're more devoted to keeping a manageable stash than I am.

    I've gotten into tightlining recently in an attempt to make a dent in my Urban Decay Demolition eyeliner, and I think it makes a world of difference for my overall look!

    1. I find that one swipe of Jam looks the same on my lips as Like, and Jam can be built up. Because it's more versatile and I'd like to keep my collection manageable (good word for it!), I figured I could let go of Like.

  3. Have you ever tried the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub? I think the apricot scrub is good, but the green tea one blows it out of the water (in my humble opinion)/is my holy grail face cleanser. I also have that liquid bronzer from the Sephora Play Box...I was really frustrated when they sent me the Hoola liquid bronzer this month as well and I don't wear bronzer in the first place... I'm going to try to experiment with them though. Good luck project pan-ning!

    1. I used the green tea one for a while when I was in college! Nice stuff. I don't use physical exfoliants on my face now, though; the St. Ives product is actually a body exfoliant for me.

  4. I think the Dolce and Gabbana powder foundation (I was turned on to it by this very blog) is being discontinued. A couple sites only have one remaining shade, and I'm semi-panicking because I have a really hard time finding powder foundations pale enough for me.
    Related side note: have you tried OCC tinted moisturizer? I'm tempted by their lightest color since my bottle of Glossier tint is almost empty and they still haven't restocked.

    1. I might freak if they discontinue the powder foundation; it's the one powder I've kept. Nothing compares. D:

      I did try the OCC Tinted Moisturizer; if you click the "Reviews" or "brand: OCC" labels, you should find my review. I will note, though, that Glossier just restocked.

    2. Nordstrom has most of the colors listed as "backordered" and Sephora only lists one color at all. I'm hoping it's a temporary supply issue...
      Meanwhile thanks for the tip about Glossier. I finally have an excuse to order a replacement Jam and still hit the free shipping threshold (my original Jam rolled under a dresser and somehow was never seen again, possibly carried off by gremlins.)
      Buy yourself somethin' nice with the $10 Glossier kickback?

    3. Been there with missing lipsticks, except mine are usually carried off by a fluffy cat!

      Thanks for the support--I truly appreciate it.