Sunday, October 23, 2016

Here Are Some Foundation Swatches

I've amassed a number of foundation samples, and now it's time to line 'em up! I swatched the lightest shades on the cards up against two of my "swatch standards," NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia and MAC Full Coverage in NW10. I also wanted to swatch the darkest shades on the cards, since it can be hard to find comparison swatches for deeper skintones.

The top image is in natural light and the bottom image is with flash. You can click on the images to expand them. Please keep in mind that, because I'm quite fair and have some cool yellow undertones, a lot of these swatches will look very stark or orange against my skin. My hope is that you'll be able to compare the colors to each other and potentially find a match.

I did not watermark these images, so please provide a link back to Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick if you use my swatches.

From left to right:

From left to right:

From left to right:


  1. I was going to ask if you'd tried the Josie Maran RG5 after I used some samples not long ago. Almost the entire color range has been out of stock on the Sephora site almost since launch, which is very weird to me. None of the stores stock the RG5 either. I wish it were a hair more yellow, but I really like the lightness and that it looks pretty good applied with fingers.

    1. I thought I reacted badly to it during patch testing, but I may have been reacting from an environmental factor. I may try it yet!

  2. Nyx just added an "alabaster" shade to most of their concealer/foundation/powder products and I bought half of them because I'm easily tempted.
    0- Nyx no filter powder in alabaster
    1- Nyx hd concealer in 02 Fair (I swear I own 01 Porcelain but couldn't find it)
    2- maybelline fit me stick in porcelain 110
    3- Nyx hd concealer in alabaster
    4- glossier skin tint in light
    5- Nyx wonder pencil in light
    6- Nyx Gotcha covered pencil in alabaster
    7- Nyx full coverage concealer (pot) in alabaster
    8- Nyx gotcha covered tube in alabaster
    9- Nyx stay matte but not flat foundation in alabaster
    10- pixi vitamin veil in Fair

    I also have the stay matte but not flat powder, but it lives at work for touch-ups so I didn't swatch it.
    Most of the new Nyx stuff stays true to color, but the HD concealer oxidizes significantly (alabaster isn't nearly as bad as Fair or porcelain are, as evidenced by Fair turning bright pink on me in the ten minutes it took to swatch and then take the picture.)

    1. And then I forgot to link the picture.