Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PSA: Beautified You Sample Bags

These pictures are way more potato quality than I would normally post, but I wanted to make this shout-out timely! There's been a lot of buzz on Reddit beauty subs regarding these Beautified You beauty bags, and now that I've received mine, I totally get it. These babies ship for free in the US and $10 international, and they're loaded with brand-name goodies! The above is what I got for my $15 deluxe bag, and it contains several products I can't wait to try.

I also bought two of the $5 bags in the sensitive skin and dry skin friendly varieties. Based on the types of samples included, I'm guessing the one on top is the sensitive skin bag and the one on the bottom is the dry skin option. Once again, there are several samples here I can't wait to try!

If you're at all interested in trying out these bad boys, I'd say go for it! They're available at Just a few quick notes:
  1. These are skincare bags. I think a couple of people have gotten a little lipgloss or a small container of face powder, but that's about it as far as color cosmetics go. Don't expect makeup.
  2. The bags are random; you'll get what they have on hand at the moment. Apparently, the stock is majorly altered every 3-4 months, so you can try to order in a few months if you don't like anything you see here.
  3. I get the feeling they're getting whammied because the bags blew up on Reddit, so be patient! It took me over a week to get a shipping confirmation, but when I did, it arrived very quickly.


  1. Oh, that looks interesting! I'd just been thinking that about a year after ending my Birchbox subscription, I'm finally getting a little low on samples/minis. Maybe I will have some space in my life for them again soon!

    1. I think because this is a one-and-done purchase versus a subscription, it'll be a better shot for more people. :)