Thursday, June 14, 2018

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Hiatus for the New Glossier Cloud Paint Shades

I no sooner go on hiatus than Glossier does something I've wanted them to do for the past year: they release more dark skin friendly shades of their *Cloud Paints. There's still no true red, but there is finally a warm shade for deeper skintones, a bright coral named Dawn. The other new shade is a slightly muted, rich plum named Storm.

One of the best things about these blushes is that they mix together so well, giving you extra shade options. I often add a dab of Dusk to Beam or Puff for a more natural, less pastel shade. Here are a few other color mixes I tested; I'm especially fond of how Storm and Puff make a sort of lavender color:

As per usual, these new Cloud Paints were purchased using store credit earned via affiliate link clicks. A special thank you to everyone who uses the affiliate links I post. You help this blog thrive!

* NOTE: This is an affiliate link. It is not mine; it is for the YouTuber Jacquelyn Lovene. I have more than enough store credit, so I'm passing on the love. If you don't want to use an affiliate link, just head to 

I purchased these two tubes of Cloud Paint using store credit earned via affiliate link purchases. I am not a Glossier Rep and my reviews are always honest.


  1. Gorgeous! I was actually just pulling up your blog to ask you about Glossier. I know you and I have similar coloring/product preferences and now even skin type (I'm much drier than I used to be!) so I was curious which Glossier products you feel are most "worth the money." I am thinking of trying 1-2 products but having trouble narrowing down which to start with, having never tried any of them before. I'm also just in general not as crazy about makeup as I used to be, something has to really impress me to make it into my regular rotation now (which changes very little from day to day...) so I want to know what the truly standout products are! Thanks <3

    1. That's tough for me to answer, since everybody has their own preferences. There are products that I gave a low rating that might be very useful to you--I still use Super Pure as a morning spot treatment, for instance. By the same token, there are products that I maybe gave four or five stars, but they won't work for your preferences; I adore Haloscope, but if you don't like a highlight that stays a bit sticky and you want something beaming versus something natural, my five star rating doesn't cut the mustard for you.

      Keeping in mind that you definitely need to think about what you want a product to do, I'd say that the three Glossier products I use most frequently are Lash Slick, Haloscope, and Cloud Paint. As for skincare, I use Invisible Shield a lot and I think Milky Jelly is a nice cleanser, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend them since you can get equivalent quality products at a lower price point.

      I'm also hoping to do a post or a video on the Glossier products I still use when I get back from hiatus, so we'll see how that goes.

  2. Are you wearing Lash Slick in your last 2 Instagram photos?

    1. Yes. There's a full breakdown for today's photo if you read the description for it on Instagram.