Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beauty Sightings: Valley Girl

I have a huge weakness for 80s makeup and fashion. Yeah, I get that that kind of makes me a "scene kid," but a lot of my dad's favorite movies came out in that era and I grew up watching them, so...I assume that gives me a pass? Regardless, Valley Girl is considered a "pure 80s classic." You definitely don't watch this movie for the witty dialogue or stimulating plot twists; you watch it because it's so freakin' 80s. Unfortunately, while I love the 1980s, I was born in 1988, so the makeup packaging isn't instantly recognizable to me. Maybe you 80s teens can help me out?

The packaging on this blush reminds me of Elizabeth Arden, but I know that's probably not the brand.(ETA: This blush is from Revlon. Thanks, Greg!)


This lipstick has a clear cap and comes in a silver tube with a red-ish band around the bottom of the tube...any thoughts on what brand this might be? Reminds me of 1990s drugstore makeup!

A similar lipstick, although the shade is different and it appears to have a much higher, thinner black band.

 Wow, that looks so much like Revlon's Lilac Pastelle nail polish!

Suzi's mom's vanity, with plenty of beautiful perfume bottles.

The double-ended sky blue and black shadow pencil that Julie uses to doodle on her face reminds me of some Avon pencils my mom used to own! (ETA: Greg says this is likely a Max Factor pencil. Thanks!)

And a token shot of Elizabeth Dailey, who always catches me in this movie with her awesome 80s look and adorable voice...if you don't recognize her voice, definitely look her up on Wikipedia and I think you'll be surprised. ;)


  1. The girl in the first picture is applying a Revlon blush.

  2. The double ended eye pencil looks like Max Factor. My step sister had the same one. And the nail polish bottle is Revlon.