Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beauty Sightings: Sex and the City, seasons 4 and 5-ish

I accidentally listed my season 5 and season 6 shots under the same filenames, so you may actually be getting a few season 6 sightings at the end here. My bad!

It was VERY hard to get these opening shots of the ladies' purse contents, but I tried my very best! This is an unidentified lipstick tube and a MAC lipglass in what appears to be Ample Pink laid out on Charlotte's bed.

A very blurry shot of Samantha's cabinet. There are some unidentified polishes, a MAC lipstick, and what appears to be high-end skincare. Anybody recognize it? EDIT: A helpful reader has pointed out that the jar might be Clarins. Thanks, Basille!

Carrie applying some of her clear gloss. I thought this was MAC Clear Gloss, but Makeup411 suggests that it's actually the Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear tube gloss, which looks uber-similar in terms of packaging.

This will always and forever be my favorite makeup sighting: Kevyn Aucoin's cameo in the episode "The Real Me." I don't think his line was launched just yet, but I've been told that the  red-packaged items are KA prototypes. You can also see one of Kevyn's books and his trademark Polaroid shots, plus Q-tips and a pot of La Mer face cream.

Carrie's bejeweled panties, plus some NARS loose powder, a few polishes, and some lotion. Seriously, those nail polishes are KILLING me! Anybody recognize the bottles?

A quick shot of Miranda's sink. There's a NARS lipstick and what may be a Laura Mercier compact, though it's hard to see.


Carrie rushing out for a date. The Elizabeth Arden gloss is on the table, plus another one of those white-tube lipsticks and a lip or eye liner.

A back shot of Carrie's bathroom table. You can catch a glimpse of her NARS loose powder off to the right. EDIT: Bertie says that these black-capped nail polishes are by Delux Beauty. Thanks, Bertie!

Samantha applying a nude chubby pencil sort of lipstick. Again with that white packaging...I feel like these "simple white packaging" items are from a brand I don't generally use.

Some Philosophy hair spray and a Clinique bar soap.

Part of Samantha's retail therapy after her bad breakup includes a visit to Paula Dorf.

Charlotte writing on her mirror with a perfectly good red lipstick (!!!).

Carrie patting on some lip color from a silver compact. I couldn't catch the logo, but I think it might be Laura Mercier or Paula Dorf.

The spread during Carrie's book cover photoshoot. The products appear to be almost all MAC.

Samantha applying Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream to her traumatized skin.

Charlotte dabbing on what is most likely a NARS lip lacquer to look extra-cute in front of her (first) divorce lawyer.

Miranda's surprisingly basic skincare includes Vaseline and baby oil. EDIT: According to Claire, the blue and white bottles are Mustela, high-end brand baby products. Thanks!

Another shot of Miranda's bathroom. Anybody recognize these products?

Miranda's tower-o-skincare from another angle. I definitely recognize some Kiehl's products.

A vanity shot. What beautiful skincare and perfume bottles!


  1. Hey, it's Bertie from MUA. I definitely recognize the polishes with the black caps; those are from Delux Beauty.

  2. I love this entire post <3 Exactly my flavour of makeup geekery. (I also shout 'PAUSE' if I see yarn or any potentially handmade knitwear in a show/film.)

    1. It's always nice to see you here. <3 I pause on books!

  3. Those pump bottles with blue band labels on Miranda's bathroom are Mustela -- high-end brand baby products. They are fab not only for babies but for moms (or non-moms) as well.


  4. That jar that you see in Samantha's cabinet could be Clarins. It looks a bit like it.