Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vanity: Becca

Vanity: Lipsticking Vicariously Through Others

Becca, Student/Teacher

I had a babysitter when I was probably 2 or 3 who wore a ton of makeup, very early nineties stuff, and because she looked so different from my mostly au-naturel mom, it was very interesting. She let me play with her brushes, and would (with mom’s permission, of course) slap some lipstick on me; then we would play “ladies.” Mom also got me the little Tinkerbell play makeup. My dresser at my mom’s house still has the pink peel-off nail polish soaked into the wood, and my favorite stuffed bunny has lipstick stains on its mouth 20 years later. And my older sisters got into makeup when I was about 5 or 6, and they thought it was hilarious to put makeup on me and take pictures with me. I got all of their mostly used-up lipsticks and eyeshadows.

I spend a lot of my money for "extras" on beauty products, but price-wise, I’m pretty firmly in the mid-end category. If I could buy all high-end, I’m not sure I would. Sure, I would splurge on some things, but my favorite brow pencil is Clinique, and a lot of my favorite skincare in the past has been drugstore. I am a pasty, pasty lady, so MAC Face & Body foundation is one of my favorite products because it comes in White. It’s also sits well on my dry skin. Bobbi Brown Skin foundation qualifies as well, shade-wise, but I’m not sure why I haven’t bought this yet. My inner Bobbi Brown aversion must be strong. The hunt for the perfect foundation consumes me. Some very evil people have shown me the lovely that is Rouge Bunny Rouge, and that’s gonna be an expensive endeavor. The Shiseido lash curler completely changed my opinion of lash curling. Now I can’t live without it, because it actually fits my eye shape and gives me a good curl. I also appreciate a good metal lash comb (I use Sephora’s) because I hate clumps, and MAC Strada blush, which will be replaced with Illamasqua Primal if I can find it. I contour every day. I’ve used up a couple of things, a foundation and mascaras. The simple reason I don’t hit pan on anything is ADD. I can’t wear the same thing all the time, it would be so boring!

My ideal nighttime skincare routine involves oil cleanser, rinse, toner, two or three serums, eye serum, night cream, and eye cream. (Luckily, I get a lot of stuff gratis; otherwise, I wouldn’t nearly use so much!) My usual nighttime routine is:
  1. Put pack of makeup wipes on bedside table.
  2. Climb into bed and remember I didn’t take my makeup off.
  3. Try to find wipes in the dark.
  4. Scrub.
  5. Throw makeup wipe towards garbage can.
  6. Fall asleep.
I’m ashamed.

 My big problem is collecting. As far as make-up goes, if I get part of a collection/brand/etc, I NEED the rest of it. See: Sleek palettes/blushes, Wet n Wild palettes, Revlon Lip Butters, Clinique Chubby Sticks... I love chasing things down and finally getting what I wanted. Apparently, I played Pokemon at an impressionable age. I also collect books, wine glasses, and jewelry. I begin student teaching in January, so I guess grading papers will become a hobby.

I love history and languages, even though I don’t speak any well. I’m a certified rescue scuba diver and I’m considering becoming an instructor or at least a divemaster. I’ll move to Aruba. I love taking pictures, but I wouldn’t say I’m a photographer. I’m obsessed with my dog!

 This project is greatly indebted to the Top Shelf section of, which was my inspiration, and to every beautiful person who participates. This article has been slightly modified for clarity and length.


  1. renee can you do a post on book recs?

    1. I can do my best. :) In the meantime, I have a few book-related posts on my other blog, which you can access via my Blogger profile.