Saturday, November 10, 2012

Charity, Thou Art Wondrous

Recently, a very lovely lady posted a message board question about selling large quantities of makeup on Craigslist for a quick sale. Being no stranger to picking through makeup lots and sanitizing the snot out of them, I offered to pay for the items myself and split them up amongst myself and my in-need drag queen friends. She sent a few pictures, and I thought it looked like a nice lot, albeit a bit gloss-heavy, and gloss ain't my thing. We settled on a generous-on-her-part price of $50 shipped, which really rounds out to about $40 plus shipping. She sent the package out right away, and I wandered off to do my thing, none the wiser.

Then the package arrived. I was away with my sister, mom, and sister's best friend looking at wedding gowns when my dad called me, bitching about a "very heavy box" that had just been dropped on the doorstep. I was puzzled. What, I wondered, had I ordered that was so heavy? Books, perhaps?

Well, when I opened the box, I nearly fainted. There has to be FOUR TIMES more stuff here than what she showed in her pictures!

 ...guys, this is JUST the stuff I kept for myself. LOOK AT IT!!! So much stuff I've been wanting to try: a Laura Mercier lip stain, Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink gel liner, a Vincent Longo stain...the list just rolls on and on. Then I made goodie bags for a few people, including my mom and sister...

...and still had all of this. A large portion of these products will be donated to the local women's shelter, while the rest will be given to drag-queen-friends-who-lack-makeup-funds. I am absolutely stunned by the generosity of this package, and I am absolutely honored to pass even a small piece of that charity on to those in need.

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