Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad Outfit #16: Big, Bad, Acetone-Scented Wolf

You'll probably notice that the pictures for this particular bad outfit aren't quite as clear or as detailed as I like them to be. You'll also probably notice that my face is not-too-happy. Unfortunately, right before I took these pictures, I tripped over a pile of glass nail polish bottles that a loving family member had left in the middle of my floor, resulting in a nice big stain on my carpet that I could only half get rid of.

45 minutes and a whole lotta acetone, Windex, and carpet cleaner, and this is what I'm left with, plus the rank smell of chemicals in the air. Ah, family!

SHIRT: Red, from Threadless

SKIRT: thrifty find

BOOTS: Vince Camuto Bollo

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