Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feelin' Good, Feelin' Cheap

Work ended up being a real disaster (isn't it always when money's involved?), so I needed a definite pick-me-up. Unfortunately, HauteLook's selection of Cargo beauty products didn't wow me, and there are no major sales or clearances going on near me or online. I took a nap and woke up to my sister exclaiming, "It's half-off day at Salvation Army! Everything but blue tags, 50% off!"


My biggest score was this stupidly gorgeous, knee-length, real leather oxblood skirt, which I got for $4. It has ONE teeny, tiny, barely noticeable flaw, a pin prick of an age spot that I had to search for for 5 minutes to spot. I've been DYING for some oxblood staples and a real leather skirt, and this definitely fit the bill! Now I just need good leather or faux leather shorts/pants. :)

I would never pay the original $14.99 for a faux leather Wet Seal jacket, but I thought it was super cute, and at $7.50? Yeah, I'll bite. It fits great; my sister loves it, too! Can't wait to wear it with some skinny jeans, heels, and a tank top.

The lace top is actually very dark green, not black, and I adore it! I think it'll look great with that oxblood skirt, especially if I can bring myself to spend the $150 on a pair of classic Dr. Martens 1460 boots. The sundress had two tags, a white one for $0.99 and a blue one for $2.99...of course, they told me the more expensive one was the "real" tag. Ah, well, still a cute find!

I pretty much always score in Salvo's men's t-shirts section. Word to the wise: the men's t-shirts are really just standard unisex t-shirts, but most women avoid the area anyway, so a lot of super-awesome lady-friendly shirts tend to lurk there! Case in point: a Hines Ward shirt! He was my favorite Steeler. I also liked the Jack Daniel's shirt; I'm not a whiskey drinker, but my boyfriend is, and I've always enjoyed the Jack Daniel's label and the flavor it adds to barbeque pork.

A Marilyn Monroe tee and a nifty sugar skull for 50 cents apiece? Truly fantastic tank tops in the making! Thanks, under-pillaged men's t-shirts section. ;)


  • a plain black blazer that doesn't make me look like a Golden Girl.
  • leather pants or shorts.
  • a big, black hat.
  • a long plaid skirt--softer and maybe less "formal" than the Salvo one.
  • day-to-day black boots or clogs, preferably tacky or butch.
  • tall, no-or-small heel boots for a DIY project.
  • vintage denim

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