Sunday, March 17, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Upcoming Collaboration

No, no, I'm not dead, just dead tired from a long bout of flying and travel. I spent Spring Break with my boyfriend in the Frozen North, and between hours upon hours of flying/driving and a nasty chin zit, I just wasn't much in the mood for makeup. I am thrilled to announce, however, that this blog was not entirely dead in my absence! First off, we have our giveaway winner:

Congratulations, Laura! Please be sure to respond to this blog post before the week is out so I can jot down the details and send you your prize!

Also, I am super-thrilled to announce a new collaboration with a fantastic blog, Curvysta Haven. I'll be writing a monthly makeup column exclusively for Liz and her blog! And while I won't crosspost the actual content--it will be exclusive to Curvysta Haven--I'll be sure to link you to each post so you don't miss a beat. :)