Monday, September 2, 2013

Should I stay or should I go?

It's easy to talk the talk. It's a lot harder to walk the walk.

I've been thinking of selling my Dr. Martens 1B60 knee-high boots for months. But the thing is...they've kind of been a signature. I mean, they're in two of the four bad outfits in my header image, they always get some kind of remark from passers-by, and they were the shoes that reignited my boots obsession. Incredibly comfortable, super-sturdy, tough as shit: they personify Docs for me.

Unfortunately, I just don't wear them that much. And I don't see myself wearing them too often in the future. I think I've grown out of them. More importantly, they've outgrown me: Bloomingdale's sent me the wrong size, and I didn't notice until I'd already worn them around, rendering them un-returnable. Luckily, the tall style and some really thick socks makes them wearable, even though they are two sizes too big.

What do we think? Should I deal with the shipping hassles and sell them off? Or should I figure out some way to make them work.


  1. Oh, I just commented on another post about this, and then I saw this!

    Dude - keep them (or get the right size), as one doesn't really grow out of DMs. I've been wearing them for years. :-)

  2. Out of interest, what size are they? I bet they're too small for me ...

    1. Sorry, for some reason I didn't get a comment notification! They're a US 10.

    2. Oh, that's fine. They're not my size either. As it happens, I have just bought a pair of the 1B60's for myself, and they're probably the best DMs I've owned.