Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Week Without Foundation, Day 7

It's been a long, staggered road, but we're finally here: the end of the Week Without Foundation. Up til now, days off of work have been rare...and now they'll be relatively common, as I'm down to one job. I teach and that's it, barring the occasional freelance writing project. I definitely make less money and, as an adjunct at a community college, lack job security or health benefits, but I couldn't be happier.

Again, one of the bonuses of quitting my other job is that I get weekends off, plus the occasional weekday, and I can wear makeup pretty much every day without having to worry about how grocery store customers will react to my bright red lipstick. But doing this challenge has made me realize something: I simply cannot fathom going to work with full eye makeup and no foundation. It's gotta be a fully finished face or nothing at all.

I've definitely become more comfortable with my skin. Yes, I know, I have pretty good skin to begin with. But I'm still hyper-critical of myself, as most people are. I don't want my skin to look good, I want it to look perfect, and skipping concealer? That definitely doesn't help me achieve "perfect!" Yet there's something really beautiful and fun about skipping foundation on my days off. I don't have to worry so much about touch-ups. It's pretty obvious that my base is what worries me the most: I check it throughout the day to make sure it's not transferring, oxidizing, or fading. I feel strangely young, as if I'm back in high school and just starting to wear cat eyeliner, but not even thinking about foundation or blush. I'm slowly but surely starting to "look my age," but skipping foundation? It almost seems to supersede that.

What I'm wearing: Biore Perfect Milk and Shiseido Sun Protection Fluid for sun protection, Wet n' Wild Fergie eye primer, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Espresso, Benefit They're Real! and Clinique Bottom Lash mascaras, Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencil in Seal Brown, NYX lip liner in Nude Pink, and NYX gloss in Natural [D/C].

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