Friday, March 28, 2014

Old Storage, New Organization

I recently made the decision to get rid of 95% of my jewelry. Excluding a few pieces with sentimental value and a couple of necklaces and rings that I wear when I'm taking extra special care with an outfit, I just don't use jewelry. I decided to donate a huge box of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to our friendly neighborhood drag queens and some young folks in local colorguards and drum corps. Then i put the few pieces I decided to hang on to on the back of the jewelry organizer, since again, I rarely get them out.

But what to do with the front of that organizer, now that it was all open? I decided to try using it for beauty storage, and it ended up being just the right size. I cleaned out a whole new drawer in my Sterilite organizer, and my desk and vanity organizer have never looked better.

I also realized that this is going to help me on my quest to take up less space and downsize my material possessions. I mean, you can see that every pocket here is pretty much full. That means that if I want to get something new, I'm going to have to make room in one of these pockets or in my vanity organizer. Decisions, decisions, hey? This low-buy is going to be even easier now, I'm sure of it!

The added bonus, for me, is going to be having everything I could need right out in the open. I think this is going to help me use some of my less-loved products more often, remember to wear perfume every day, etc.

The current arrangement for the door organizer pockets (which will probably be shuffled around a tad more as the month progresses) is:

TOP ROW: moisturizing gloves, samples, and extra hair things.
SECOND ROW: eyeshadow palettes, some things I may be purging, extra compacts, and powder blushes.
THIRD ROW: highlighters, pigments, glitters, and a powder blush.
FOURTH ROW: powder and cream blushes
FIFTH ROW: cream blushes and lip glosses
EIGHTH ROW: lipsticks and eyeshadows
NINTH ROW: skincare and a pocket for extra eye primers, liners, and mascaras
TENTH ROW: brushes, face masks, some perfume bottles, and pencils

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