Saturday, June 7, 2014

Products I Wouldn't Repurchase

Posts like this mark the rare instances when I miss my YouTube days. It's easier to explain that you wouldn't repurchase a certain item because it didn't work for you rather than, "Oh, it sucks" when you're talking to people, y'know? Granted, people on YouTube could get a little crazy if you dissed one of their favorite products; I'll never forget the grief I got for filming a poor review of the NYC Loose Powder, or for pointing out that there were 2 or 3 Wet n' Wild products I really hated ("Why are you soooo negative?!?!"). But while I wasn't the most eloquent speaker or presenter, I always felt relatively comfortable with the idea that I was conversing, not writing.

Still, I think I can get my point across decently in the written word, so I'm going to try a blog post version of this very famous tag. These are items that I didn't necessarily hate, but they didn't wow me or suit my tastes. Hence, I wouldn't repurchase them. And if I could turn back time* and save myself a $20, I wouldn't hesitate.

MAC Pigments -- Anybody who frequented YouTube circa 2008 heard nothing but worshipful odes about MAC pigments. They were the best eyeshadows for bright looks and the most collectible, sought-after products on the market, save for Parrot eyeshadow. But I've owned a good 6 or 7 jars of the stuff, and I rarely used them. They were too messy for regular eyeshadow application, I don't like gloss enough to mix them in with a clear base, and most of the highlighting/bronzing type shades are too glittery for my tastes. The two that have survived numerous purges remain for sentimental reasons: Jardin Aires was a gift from my father, and Vanilla is a holdover from my more active drag scene days. And they look nice mixed in to lotion or sunscreen, I guess. But truth be told? I bumped Vanilla on to the ground while I was taking this picture, and I was more pissed about having to clean a teaspoon of powder out of bathroom tile.

GLAMGLOW Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask -- I know I'm getting the side-eye for this one. I've mentioned it multiple times on this blog, and it's even been labeled as a Holy Grail product. None of that was a lie. But $69 for a mudmask that, yes, has great results, but is also quite harsh on most people's skin, is not something I can continue to support. The only reason I've gone through two jars is because I bought my first at half price (it was an extra tester), while the second was a very generous swap extra. I could get a similar effect by combining a decent kaolin clay mask with regular exfoliation. I'll miss you, my extravagant friend, but I think I'll get by.

Dior Instant Cleansing Water -- I had a brief love affair with this bottle when I first got it, but I've come to realize's not really a necessity. Actually, it doesn't even work that well in its advertised capacity as a gentle makeup remover; it couldn't remove 90% of the products on my face. I figured I could get good use out of it after my morning walks, ie, it'd get the sweat off of my face before I put my makeup on. However, I walk primarily in the morning or the evening when it's cooled down/my makeup is already on, so that didn't work out too well. I've been using it for the occasional refresher, or to remove eyeshadow fallout before I apply foundation. Beyond that, it's just a pretty bottle on my desktop.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara -- Don't get me wrong: this is definitely the best bottom lash mascara on the market. The formula doesn't run, it never makes my lashes looked spidery, and the tiny brush is perfect for getting in to the corners of my eyes. The problem is that I tend to put most, if it not all, of my eye makeup on my upper lid to draw attention away from my dark circles. This little tube has lasted me so long because I hardly ever use it. Lovely for others, not a necessity for me.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer in 01 Fair -- Another Clinique item! Don't worry, they've still got some great products, and this is still a cult favorite for a reason. I openly admit that I bought this because of the Lisa Eldridge hype, only to realize that it didn't have enough coverage for me. The shade is also super-pink, so I can't use it on blemishes. Instead, I used this product as a corrector under or over other products to counteract the blueness in my undereye circles. Do I do that often? No. If you have very minor flaws to cover and you can find a shade that suits you perfectly, then this is certainly a good option; if you're like me and you mostly use concealer for the Undereye Circles of Doom, then pass.

Coppertone Water Babies Sun Lotion Spray SPF50 -- I'm a huge fan of drugstore spray-on sunscreens, particularly the Banana Boat sport options. But the damn things reek to high Heaven. I heard that the Water Babies line by Coppertone didn't have a chemical scent, so I bought a 2-pack of the stuff. Unfortunately, what it lacks in scent it more than makes up for in feel. It comes out clear for 2 seconds, then turns white, meaning you'll have to do a lot of rubbing-in (which defeats the purpose of a spray-on sunscreen). It also feels heavy on my skin. Finally, it's difficult to remove; I have to soap myself to get the stuff off, which is super-drying. It protects me from the sun, no doubt, but considering it covers me like a freaking blanket wool blanket, I'm not surprised.

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Cream Blusher in New Pink -- When my hunt for the perfect not-sparkly pastel pink cream blush hit a standstill with the American market, some folks at MakeupAlley suggested I turn to Korean products. This tube seemed to fit the bill: it looks pigmented and totally plush on the model. Sadly, I feel for marketing. This blush is incredibly sheer; even on my pale skin, it took me 3-4 layers of the stuff to get a noticeable color. The formula also wasn't the most comfortable on my dry cheeks. Utter sadness. To the swap pile it goes.

Beauty Blender Sponge -- I'm going to get socked in the face for this one, I know, so let me say this: I can see why people love this sponge. It's definitely great for blending out heavier foundations, or for applying a cream foundation. But if you're like me and you favor light-medium coverage liquid foundations, all this sponge is going to do is soak up your product. It's rare that a foundation looks better on me when I apply it with this sponge versus, say, my fingers. Also, it freaks me out that the damn thing continued to leak pink dye after 6 or 7 washings.

* If I could fiiiiind aaaa waaaaay-uh! I'd take back those words that huuuurt you, and you'd stay!!!

And now, bonus puppeh!


  1. I'm with you on the Beauty Blender. I like it, particularly its shape. But like you, I don't use heavy foundation, so I don't have much difficulty blending my foundation out in the first place. I don't use it as the primary tool for applying my base, either. I use fingers, and then pounce the Blender around the jawline, or use it to tone down blush, or to erase the dipped-in-flour look I get when I've put on a shitload of powder. It's nice in the corners of my nose and for blending under-eye concealer.

    FWIW, mine is still leaking pink dye, and I've been washing it with liquid soap four or five times a week for a few months.

    1. Hilariously, my mom has the cheaper RT sponge and it has never leaked dye.

  2. I think yours is the first comment on the BB that states it's *not* the most perfect foundation tool ever invented. Thank you! Fingers work fine for me. Love your puppy!

    1. It has its place, but it doesn't have a very big one in my collection.